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Fascinating Kubo Press Conference

Calling it a "summary of Jump Festa" from someone named Kakarouto, Tatai first posted the information from a French forum in the Interviews with Kubo section on BA on Dec 22 2010 here. desgaron  then posted the information on a thread here at bleachness with some legwork on verification of sources. What emerged is that Kakarouto has a friend who works at Square Enix Europe and because of this was able to attend a press conference at JF where the most amazing parts of the French report came. Those part are (copied from desgaron 's comment):

- Kubo has recently put his entire scenario on paper to make the story more exciting. (For the next 10 years)

- He works with his assistants and his publisher to expand the script and make it consistent to the maximum.

- He is very proud of the plot he had prepared and began to know how he wants to finish Bleach.

- In the first place, Grimmjow wasn't meant to be an important character, he was to quickly die. But as of now, his existence will eventually matter for the future of the manga.

- Normally the Arrancar arc shouldn't be too long. It's thanks to the craze for Japanese fans for the Arrancars, without it, the arc would have been shorter.

- The end of the Arrancar arc should have been the end of Bleach if it didn't work and if the publisher had asked Kubo to finish the manga quickly.

The information seems reliable but has yet to be confirmed by other attendees of said press conference.  If there are any Grimmjow fans out there with any information from his bloggers who know of about whether or not GJ's importance in the future of the manga has indeed been confirmed by Sensei, I'd appreciate sources.

*still hasn't slept since before New Year's Eve* XD

oh and ciaxsjes has updated with installment two of his summary of Hellverse here. So happy! Now I understand that omake btwn Ichigo and beret!Rukia about Ishida's role in the movie! <3 Can't wait for the next installment. The fights really do sound good; hope the movie does well in dvd sales even if it disappoints at box office.
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