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Hellverse Dropping Revenue, New Detailed Summary

Happy New Year's everyone. It's the year of the Bunny Rabbit so maybe we'll get a nice Rukia spread from Sensei? I'm waiting for neighborhood firecrackers to scare the cats and browsing interesting stuffs over at the Bleach Movie 4 thread at BA--a few posts have been made recently about the dropping revenues of Hellverse and I've been concerned because I don't want a return to "Ichigo and the Shinigami" standards of old. The focus on the nakama in this movie is what got my interest. Today czeliate posted from 2ch ( here):

1週目(5) 1.4億
5週目 6.1億
6週目 6.3億

最終 6.6億

1週目(4) 2.19億(3日間)
2週目(5) ※元日
3週目(7) 6.18億
4週目(10) 7.07億
5週目(12) 7.24億
6週目(19) 7.72億

1週目 1.52億
2週目 2.73億(2週目のみ 1.21億 前週比 -20.4%)
3週目 4.06億(3週目のみ 1.33億 前週比 +10.0%)
4週目 5.62億(4週目のみ 1.56億 前週比 +17.2%)

1週目 1.96億
2週目 3.39億(2週目のみ 1.43億 前週比 -27.1%)
3週目 4.12億(3週目のみ 0.71億 前週比 -50.1%)
4週目 4.68億(4週目のみ 0.56億 前週比 -21.1%)
2006/12/16 6.2億 231scr「MEMORIES OF NOBODY」
2007/12/22 7.6億 224scr「The DiamondDust Rebellion/もう一つの氷輪丸」
2008/12/13 7.3億 239scr「Fade to Black 君の名を呼ぶ」
億: 100 million
第一弾: MON
第二弾: DDR
第三弾: FTB
1週目: 1st week
2週目: 2nd week
3週目: 3rd week
4週目: 4th week
5週目: 5th week
6週目: 6th week

so the 4th movie has a good start but after 4th week,it hasn't even reach ¥0.5 billion.. while DDR has over 0.7 billion and FTB has 0.562 billion during the 4th week =.=, i'm starting to think that it won't reach 1 billion yen or surpass the DDR/FTB movie...which is sad...since this movie was supposed to be the best among the previous movie

Also, a BA member named ciaxsjes saw the movie in Japan and is posting a very detailed play by play summary here. Ciaxsjes says the movie was excellent, better than the other three, and I want to see it even more than ever now after reading the first installment of summary. My guess is that DDR and FTB got more repeat business than this movie because of the fervor of their specific fandoms (Hitsugaya, IchiRuki) and not that this movie is doing worse because it's in any way a lesser movie or because the Shinigami aren't featured or because the nakama are (or ORIHIME is). I do hope that producers of future movies take into consideration the success of FTB and the Kubo factor in the promotion of Hellverse--people want Kubo's involvement in these movies; they want a feeling close to the original manga. The appeal of this movie for me was its closeness to canon (Ichigo's transformation) as well as the nakama, but I suspect its the former factor that matters to most people.
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