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Szayel Release Spoiler Pix and omg, this makes my year!

Szayel's zanpakutou is named... are you ready for this? ARE YOU READY? And the picture is even more terrifying.

邪淫妃 (literally means "The lewdness queen")

I drew a pic last night of my Szayel baby but this was waaay before these spoilers and I must say I have been put to shame by the true awesomeness of Espada number Eight's REVEALED FORM (oh there's another pic I didn't upload--he's in a long fluttery dress with FRICKEN BUTTERFLY WINGS.... must get to uploading....)

This just ain't as good... Kubo you rock"

It was mentioned at BA that another interesting thing is that Szayel seems to be a  butterfly while MAYURI was a caterpillar. I really haven't had time to consider the comparison because I keep staring at my number eight deep-throating his sword...

I must admit, I adore this man.  Szayel, I am so taking you home.
Tags: bleach manga, szayel
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