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A Proposition to All of You

Alrighty. So, I've been thinking for a while, and I've decided that venting is a wonderful thing. And that my overactive mind is great at picking up on small details and spinning them into huge foreshadowing moments. And I think I need all your help.

See, I'm a bit (...okay, a big) theorist. I love discussing theories, symbols, foreshadows, plot twists, the like. I'm sure everyone does, to a certain extent. My question is, shall we do it as a group activity?

I'm thinking of starting a group, dedicated to theorizing. Analyzing a chapter, looking it over, and wondering where Kubo-sensei could possibly be heading. But it's no fun to do alone, just because all my family and friends have denied me the topic of Bleach, and unfortunately, my theory buddy and I have been forced out of contact. So now I turn to you all. How about we put our heads together and try and predict where Bleach is going?

More information.

This would be different from the normal chapter discussions that go on in one way; instead of jumping up and down in celebration over the awesome parts of the new chapter (something I enjoy doing as well), it'd be more of a "How could this impact the next chapter? Or ten chapters?" I really do wonder if the things I pick up on are just my brain going off in odd directions for possible story lines (writing fanfic's can do that to you) or if what I say has some merit-of if I've missed anything.

On top of discussing possible theories, something I think would be fun is coming up with group theories. Like, taking the extra step; beyond discussing what could happen, actually saying that this is what we believe is going to happen. And then applying that in the next chapter. So, for example, say in chapter X Rukia appears and says something about Ichigo making a mistake by underestimating her, and after some discussion, we agree that she's implying she has Bankai. In chapter X+1, if there's anything that could remotely have anything to do with that theory, I'll talk about it. So if Rukia shows more proficiency in her Shikai (a sign of Bankai-Ichigo wasn't able to consciously use Getsuga Tensho to it's full power before he attained Bankai) while fighting, I'll add that to our theory. If, in chapter X+5, she talks about doing a lot of training-add to the theory. If a chapter later we find out it was all for some Kido spell-we edit or get rid of the Bankai theory. That sort of thing.

Now, here's the drawback-for this to be successful, there's going to have to be a lot of communication, between everyone that would want to post. If you see someone post a theory and have a comment, say it. I can't know if you all agree on a point or not if you don't comment on each other's posts. Also, this is going to require more then just two or three people; the best debates are done by many people of differening interests. I'm not used to dealing with large fandoms, so forgive me if this is a little small, but I figure if ten people say they'd like to do something like this, then starting at the next chapter, I'll post a discussion.

If you all give me the green light for this, then my posts will be fairly simple. I'll do a quick analysis of the chapter (which you should disagree with if you think I'm wrong on anything-don't just take my word on things as a base), state my current theory on where things could go, and some 'food for thought' prompts. Something to get you thinking. I'll use the most recent chapter (432) as an example.

Though I'm not going to be typing out my analysis on everything that has happened (because I'd like this to be less then 200,000+ words) A couple things got me thinking.

-Before Chad is re-introduced, Riruka said "Who died and made you king...?" to Ginjou, in response to him ordering her around. So, does that mean that Ginjou wasn't always boss?

-It is implied that every member of Xcution can use 'Fullbring'. So, does that mean Ichigo and Chad also have this power?

-If we assume that Chad and/or Ichigo can use Fullbring, does that mean that there's a possibility that their relatives (most importantly, Chad's Abuelo and Masaki) could use this power? And is investigating this one way how Masaki and Isshin could have met?

I honestly have another ten of these up my sleeve, but I'll be controlled (...this time). Also, I'm organizing some jumbled thoughts of mine into a possible theory on how Xcution started out-and how it could relate to Ichigo's backstory. I'll have that up in a few days.

So, what do you all say? A chance for minds to get together and discuss what MIGHT be in the Bleach universe a few (or many) chapters down the road? A continuously evolving debate on the why's and how's? A glimpse into my crazy mind and the place I could take this? What do you say? Yay? Nay?

And debbiechan , if you aren't comfortable with this or anything, let me know, and I'll pull the plug. Your community, your rules.
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