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Lady Camille Catherine Cecily Lloyd-George X

I Wanna Make a Mooovie!

 As an animation/film student, I'm slightly obsessed with the idea of Bleach being made into a live action film. I've got my own version of the screenplay in the works and actually got a chance to use it in a class assignment!  Thought you lot would be interested.

For my final in our storyboarding class we have to illustrate an excerpt of something we're working on.  
The completed storyboards can be seen here-->

I didn't board my entire original outline, but here's a page of the script. It's an original scene, something near the very, very end of the film that would hopefully hint towards a sequel... (The boards only cover the first half of the conversation)

RUKIA stands on a footbridge staring blankly down at the river. Her military issue soulphone is open--she presses a button.

You. Are. Seven weeks. Past. Mandatory. Return. Date.
Unauthorized. Extension. Of. Mission. Unacceptable. Report. To. Squad Thirteen Captain. Immediately. Or. Disciplinary. Action. Will. Be. Taken.

Rukia plays the message again. And again. URAHARA appears behind her.

The kid took down a Menos. Soul Society can’t ignore that. Could take months for the right paperwork to reach the right person but they will take action. Could you stand another life on your conscience? After that mess twelve years ago--

You don’t have clearance to know about that.

Secrets make good currency. What’ll you do when the Retrieval Squad comes for Ichigo?

We’ll run.

He won’t. Not unless you tell him the truth--and you won’t, since you’ve broken enough laws already.

Then we’ll fight.

He’ll die.

A pause.  Rukia stares down at the river.

Then I guess I'll just have to think of something.

With a violent throw, Rukia sends her phone, still playing the warning, into the river.  Urahara stares at her, gaping, but Rukia doesn't meet his eye.

If they come asking questions, I won’t take the fall for you.

RUKIA (shrugs)
Like you said. I’ve broken enough laws already.
What’s a felony or two more?

The current shoots the phone under the bridge and washes it downriver.
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