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Our Power -- Ishida Orihime fanart by me

I colored it!  This is how I relaxed inbetween impossible, maddening, ridiculous bar mitzvah preparations. Gah, I'm preparing food too now.

dA link: Our Power by debbiechan

There's mild nudity so if you can't see the pic it's also HERE (keep clicking to enlarge).

Also, don't ask me what's happening in the pic (well, haha, I want to write a fic but for the drawing all I knew is that I wanted Orihime's pins in Ishida's teeth because I thought that was sexy... and well, I wanted her tongue to be making a yummy shape.... anyone is free to write a fic to explain this fanart!)

Thanks to peca_06 and friends for anatomy help. I really need to take a class. When I learn to draw butts, the first thing I'm drawing is Ishida's butt, I promise.
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