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Jump Festa report, Hellverse new footage

It's begun! Poppy_moon has yet to write her report but we've got news and pix!
The stunner was that Oririn and Morita recreated the IchiRuki goodbye in front of Sensei as well as many other IchiRuki scenes beginning from chapter one and audiences were so moved that they cried!

from nacchan_touya 's post at IR FC here:

OMG OMFG guys the jump festa is an IchiRuki festa!!

In the big stage Morita and Oririn dubbed ch.423 BLEACH MY SOUL live in front of the audiences and Kubo-sensei!! and not just that but they also rehashed the old IchiRuki scenes!!

The scene they dubbed :

- Chapter 1 : IchiRuki Meeting

- Broken Coda (when Rukia was taken for the first time)

- SS arc Bridge Scene :
"I came to save you Rukia"
"You fool! look at you all torn up"
"Even if I look like this, I've become stronger"

- HM arc :
"We're nakama arent we?"

- Ch.423 Farewell

the report said both of their acting is so touching and many fans cried.

People that get on stage were Morita, Fumiko, Kubo-sensei, Nakai (kokutoo) and Furuya (shuuren), the MC asked a few fun questions like who is their favorite characters and the gave them characters selection to pick with each stereotype they had. For girls character they gave them Rukia "the fixed heroine", Orihime "the naturally loved", Rangiku "the big breasted vice-captain class", Lisa "the megane (glasses) type" and Hiyori (the reporter forget her title)

For favorite female characters all the guys choose Orihime and Rangiku because they love big boobs (Furuya even apologized to Fumiko "sorry Rukia-chan but I'm a boob man") and Nakai also pick Lisa because for him how Lisa loves to read porn book makes him excited and Morita also pick Hiyori as a "good friend" type character

and LOL Oririn when being asked which male character she likes with the selection of hotties such as Ichigo "the main lead", Kokutoo, Shuuren, Byakuya, Mayuri, (theres other choices but the reporter forgot).... she choose YAMAJII because she likes older character *GJ oririn.. you slap them all good XDDDD*

all in all the Ichiruki fans who went there are ecstatic with this year JF, they put ichigo and Rukia picture side by side everywhere and looking by the storm of tweets looks like Oririn is very charming today, they also glad over the musical announcement, they also squees on Rukia's title as "fixed heroine" and the stage performance is just MOEE

Sensei also picked Rangiku and Orihime as his favorite female characters but unless people jump to pairing conclusions, his favorite male characters are Mayuri and Aizen sooooo.... LOL.

SENSEI DREW SOME AWESOME PICTURES! Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Byakuya, Hitsugaya, Kenpachi, Gin, Aizen and Ginjou. Thank you to Annie for them. There are pics below cut. IchiRuki ones, sorry--they're the ones she grabbed because of her interests! They were also more of them than anything else!

Also regarding Hellverse, there's a new trailer up on the website. Sorry, Neha, there's a shot of where yeah, the bishies are indeed rotting. *cry*


eta: from Syn: Sensei said Bleach has another 10 years left. This makes me happy because I never want it to end. This frustrates me because I want character development to hurry up but... hey, a luxuriously told story that will last until I'm a grandmother? Hahaha, okay!
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