_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,


Just have to say that Yachiro kills me ded in this omake. And poor Momo. Scanlation by Spacecat and Ileenka from Bleach Asylum.

This just me me laugh so hard. Bleach is on an upswing again. Maybe its the appearance of anything, anyone after that grueling long Grimmjow battle but I was enjoying a good bit of that. I'm just ready for the plot to move again.

*considers which fandom project to do next* Ugh, so many.

orin is working on a fanart for "Necrophilia" that has me happy, happy, all happy. I think I'll go stroll through galleries online now--sometimes mountains of fanart can make a fangirl so happy.
Tags: omake
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