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Canon versus the Necessary Course of Art, chpt 255

Well, well, well, from looks of the spoilers, Ishida gets attacked by a dominatrix with a whip and has his fashion sense insulted besides.
Unlike most people over at BF, I'm predicting Ishida won't have as easy a time as we expect with this one. Kubo will scare us at some point, but I surely don't hope that he cuts Ishida out of the running to save Orihime.... unless, of course, Ishida is captured and taken to Las Noches at which point "Invisible Writing" can start happening. ^__^

Besides shipper wars, I'm noticing that the main thing that gets fandoms riled up is what a character's canon personality is. People will argue that a character is OOC even in a chapter by the author himself.  RPers are the most notorious at this because they research their people so carefully and get attached to their interpretations of them. And G-D FORBID that anyone write fanfiction...there's always going to be one little thing, even in the best story, that jars with some reader's perception of a character.

Let's not even mention yaoi.  It bothers me to no end that yaoi is frowned upon because "so and so would NEVER do that." Well, of course, real boys don't carry over-sized swords on their backs and speak to the dead and neither would Ichigo as written by Kubo initiate sex (ha, homo or hetero). But the job of a writer is to create a plausible universe. This is creativity, people.  Riffs on a melody, improvisations-- the necessary course of art. The responsibility of a reader, once she has entered that universe, is to learn the "language" of the story. Is it lyrical? Is it action narrative?
Is it plot or is it atmosphere? Once a reader knows the type (or mixed type) of fiction she's reading, THEN she can judge as to whether or not the story is any good.  Too many people walk into fanfiction (particularly yaoi) expecting the voice of the original author and the forms of their favorite characters intact.

Take Ishida (of course, who else would I use for an example?). The animators of the current Bleach filler have TORN ASUNDER his manga personality (I actually believe manga Ishida is sort of a closet woobie, but that's another matter).  As far as the story these guys are telling--it's not bad. Ishida isn't ISHIIDA but he's presented consistently as your pansy-assed tragic boy. Now take those little yaoi books with the stylized artwork on the covers. In doujinshi, Ishida is uke and doe-eyed. Yey.  No one loves canon Ishida more than me, but yey for the fantasy of this gay doujin in my grubby hands. To hell with Western gay liberation--the seme/uke dichotomy speaks to me as a thing of beauty. It's an ARTIFICE. The characters are metaphors, the sex is fantasical and unreal. Yaoi doujinshi are not quite porn (yet another matter) and they're not quite story. They're another riff on a canon melody.

I quote syneiam : "What is that all the best artists are yaoi artists?" I'm with that--I want some more beautiful het in that little doujin package.

I'm presuming that most of the people here are "live and let live."  If yaoi's not your thing, you don't read i? I have to say that ONCE UPON A TIME, yaoi was not my thing, but I read it anyway. Maybe because I'm the sort of person who likes to sample everything on the tray? (yes, I'm a kosher vegetarian and because of this daring proclivity of mine, I once ate a pork rind at a party).

I know there are some people would never look at deathfic, incest, or shota. I always look. Is something wrong with me? If I don't look, how can I say something really turns me off? EDIT: I found something--women being tortured. Men being tortured, interestingly enough, doesn't bother me as much.
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