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For those of you who can't take a joke

Apparently it's getting around that Kubo has responded to Orihime haters by saying he's going to draw her more the more hate tweets he gets.

Well, he did say that, but context is king. Do you really believe Sensei is that spiteful? Some people have taken his tweet as a sign (I'm not kidding) that if people criticize Orihime then Kubo will make IchiOri, RenRuki, and IshiNemu canon (wtf). Anyway, for those who were curious, Kubo did respond with his usual sense of humor about Orihime to one reader (who didn't hate on her overtly--but yes, from what I've seen at least one spammer has been consistently sending Kubo Orihime hate spam) and when readers said that they were going to bombard him with hate tweets about their own favorite characters so that he will draw these OTHER characters more, Kubo went along with the joke.

Geez fandom, get a grip.

Translations of tweets by mezzo_marinaio 

あれ?まだ気付いてねえの?俺ひねくれてるから、こういうリプあると織姫の出番増えるんだぜー(笑)。 RT @iririitai: @tite_kubo 井上のお笑いアピールしすぎ。つーか最近井上しゃしゃりすぎ

Iririitai: “Inoue’s comical attitude is so appealing. That said, recently Inoue does butt in a little too much, eh…”
Kubo: “Ah? You still haven’t noticed? Since I’m feeling uncooperative, if there are such replies I will increase Orihime’s appearances!” (laugh)

大丈夫だよ(笑)。うちの読者はみんな賢いから。 RT @soutendo: @tite_kubo せんせー!そんな事聞いたら、大好きなキャラをわざと詰る人続出かもしれませんよΣ(・Д・;)私は好きすぎて無理ですが!!

Soutendo: “Sensei! After saying such things, you’ll have a flood of people who will rebuke their own favourite characters purposefully! Though it would be impossible for me, I love them too much…!”
Kubo: “It’s alright. (laugh) My readers are all wise.”

ザエルアポロはもう出ねーぞ。 RT @hebiten: @tite_kubo ザエルアポロまじしゃしゃりすぎ!(*´ω`*)ワクワク

Hebiten: “Szayel Apollo really does butt in a little too much!” (thrilled)
Kubo: “Szayel Apollo won’t appear anymore.”

おいおい!大好きなの知ってんだぜ!! RT @ayanatsubaki: おっ、織姫なんか大嫌いなんだからねっ!w RT @tite_kubo: あれ?まだ気付いてねえの?俺ひねくれてるから、こういうリプあると織姫の出番増えるんだぜー(笑)。 RT @iririitai

Kubo: “Ah? You still haven’t noticed? Since I’m feeling uncooperative, if there are such replies I will increase Orihime’s appearances!” (laugh)
Ayanatsubaki: “Well, it’s because I really hate characters like Orihime…!”
Kubo: “Oi, oi! I know you love her!” :

In the last tweet, it was an Orihime fan saying she hated Orihime in an attempt to get Kubo to draw more Orihime! I do believe myself that Sensei was straight up about Szayel not appearing anymore, though, and that makes me sad. :(

eta: from  stray_mikeneko in a comment below, Kubo-sensei also tweeted this in the context of the convo:
ンの人、真に受けてたらごめんよー。 9:55 AM Dec 10th

“When I said that Szayelaporro wouldn’t appear anymore, maybe the joke was a little harsh. Szayelaporro fans, I’m sorry if you took it seriously.” :-P


*cries the tears of a fool*

So maybe those people who think Sensei is REALLY going to draw Orihime the more hate tweets he gets should be crying the bitter tears of fools too, ne? XD XD
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