glasses_kunluvr (glasses_kunluvr) wrote in bleachness,

Ishida Ryuuken, Finally.

SO I got around into reading Bleach, after I saw a spoiler of Uryu being slashed, and I figured that it wouldn't take long for Ryuuken to appear, and he did exactly what I thought he would, he appeared. But, he did something that was totally unexpected, he referred to the 'perpetrator' as 'our enemy', which surprised me since he was not the type to meddle into such affairs. At least that was my impression of him. I guess this could be attributed to the fact that it was his son almost dying there, despite him acting cold towards him about opening up his wounds. I thought it was just touching what he did, and he even called in Inoue and Kurosaki to go visit his son, whom I thought he couldn't care less about. I've always known that Ryuuken really cares for his son, but he never struck me as the type to show any acts of kindness as he stated, or to openly show it, as he partially did there<-- debatable.

Oh and yeah, he was wearing slippers. It shows more of his personality than people think of imo.

Just had to get it out there. I'm 100% pro-Quincy since I started bleach.
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