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CTI: Who are they to you? (Ulqui Wallpaper)

The world is but a canvas to our imagination. It is the air of the mind. You can create a world and do everything you want with creative imagination. You can make strange, unique or utterly bizzare things. You've got the whole world in the palm of your hands and feel free to twist and turn it the way you want to. The mind is an interesting place and you may surprised at what you can think off if you Color the Imagination.

Color the Imagination is a set of three wallpapers that I totally came up with that was inspired by the fireworks I've watched last 2 weeks ago. It's amazing how fireworks lit up the night sky, bringing wonderful and amazing colors. It wasn't my first time watching fireworks, but it gave me the sense of creativity at that point. Seeing those fireworks up there made me think that the sky is one big canvass. So, I had the urge to create wallpapers.

Click on it to be redirected to the bigger version... ^_^
Tags: orihime, ulquiorra
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