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Recent Fanarts and Thinking About 3-Ways

After declaring that I would never draw again, I (naturally) drew a whole bunch of Bleach pics.  Release the Past  IshiHime All Dressed Up  IchiRuki Lalala   After (IshiHime)   Mayuri SWA Calendar   Free Me (Orihime)
Uryuu Portrait

Those who requested fics? Sorry, I'm stagnating at the moment. My muse went for a vacation in the tropics, and the cold weather here has stiffened my typing fingers.

I was thinking that a PWP might loosen me up. It occurred to me today that other than an Aizen/Gin/Uquiorra fic (ok, ok, here's a link: Love Without Motive ) (EDIT: or maybe it was this one: Favorites--I've written so many stories now I forget!) I have never written a 3-way. And certainly not one with a girl in it.

But I can't think of any 3-ways I could possibly write believably. Maybe me and IshiHime. Oh, I know! Me and YoroUra... you know that couple knows a few dandy new tricks.
Tags: aizen, fanart, gin, ichiruki, ishihime, mayuri, tousen, ulquiorra, yaoi
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