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Sensei's drawing something BIG, more Bleach merch

From Jump Festa site (Sensei and Bleach seiyuu will be there on Dec 19), KUBO IS DRAWING SOMETHING REALLY BIG

New Ban Dai figurines to promote movie you get with what looks like beer (but may be coffee?) I WANT! From otaku drea's post at IR FC here You can see Ichigo and Rukia ones there but there's also a Hitsugaya one.

Gah, I need sleep--I have silly movie excitement and Hanukah excitement and pre-bar mitzvah excitement and need to know if Ishida is okay in this week's chapter excitement. Woke up to someone posting a fanblog noting that Ishida looked beautiful as he fell dying in the movie. *Weeps* Gah, I want to see this movie now.
Tags: bleach merchandise, bleach move 4, ishida, kubo tite
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