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Fanarts from me, Orihime seiyuu movie pamphlet translation

I drew stuffs!   A holiday Orihime (I like timeskip!Orihime in the manga but her hairpins are there in this pic because Orihime without her hairpins makes me nervous. She's happier with them I think. I want them back in her hair again! ) and an shoujo IchiRuki (for Annie and the current IR FC Christmas Wedding challenge).

Holiday Hime DA link

Wedding Night for annie

Big images under the cuts (bc I took the full size from DA and am too tired from drawing to resize at the moment)

More Mezzo translations! We had Oririn comment about Rukia a couple entries ago and this time mezzo_marinaio translated Yuki's words about Orihime's role in the movie. Frankly, I was happy with what I'd heard about Orihime's role but Yuki's words made me wince a little, but then again, I've never really liked her take on Orihime. At least one person on 2ch said Yuki made Orihime look bad.

Translation by mezzo_marinaio :


"Whenever I'm voicing Orihime, I'm always paying attention to how I can perform her genuinely. This time, I thought anew 'Well, Orihime's heart became stronger'. She was really happy to be depended on, and being trusted to take care of the medical treatment. About her highlight scene, when she sees Ichigo off and clings to his back... I feel that it was a way to convey with all her might her feelings of thoughtfulness for him. What she really wanted to say was probably 'Don't go'... but she couldn't stop him. I think after swallowing various thoughts, the words that came out of her mouth were 'Come back for sure...'. This time, the enemy is also quite fascinating. There might be many viewpoints about how to view his character, and with what feelings. Please enjoy watching the many hot battles on the screen!"

Well, Yuki does end her sentence with a でしょう... so she's just expressing her own opinion about Orihime's behaviour (while seeking others' confirmation), not giving us its definite interpretation (http://www.studyjapanese.org/language-reference/verbs/deshou).

Still, it's a very ugly thing to say, that your character would be perfectly willing to sacrifice her own friends just to keep her crush safe... which is why I think that Yuki must have just expressed herself badly here. I mean, given her words in the rest of the comment, she probably meant to say that Orihime's gesture and words at the time were the result of a variety of conflicting feelings... among which the desire to keep Ichigo from returning to Hell and put himself in danger again.

(Something like her scene in the manga where she ends up reassuring Ichigo that yes, his desire to save Rukia from Soul Society is not a bad thing at all - despite the fact that the ones that took her away were her own family and friends. She's shown hesitating out of worry there as well, if I remember correctly?)

Oh, and as for Orihime's feelings of 'thoughtfulness'... well, it's just the standard way for Japanese people to refer to emotion-driven thoughts (as opposed to logic-driven ones).

想い (omoi) = emotion-driven thoughts (or thoughts involving visualization)
思い (omoi) = logic-driven thoughts (or thoughts involving reflection)

想い can refer to all kinds of emotion-driven thoughts... love, hate, friendship, disdain, condescension, anger, affection, protectiveness, nostalgia, worry, and so on. Yuki uses the same word when she talks about the 'feelings' with which the audience might view the enemy of this movie.

This being Hueco Mundo Orihime, of course, it probably refers both to her love and her worry - Yuki was just being typically vague there. XD

So it doesn't seem like too big of a deal--more of natural sort of hesitation the way Mezzo describes but I'm biased against Yuki's anime characterization of Orihime anyway, I guess. I really don't like anime Orihime at all (anime Rukia slightly less in her filler roles but anime Orihime in her voice acting and the whole shebang).

eta: more viewer reviews of movie from nacchan at the IchiRuki FC (naturally with an IchiRuki bent) and a photo from poppy_moon's blog of really cute cut-outs promoting movie during tour of Ichigo and Rukia HERE
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