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Movie is out in Japan!

There are JumpBang specials and new CMs--with footage we've seen before and nothing too exciting unless you want to see Morita burn his tongue on hot noodles in a crazy challenge, lol, then check out the BA movie thread.

We have a really cool picture of Ichigo in the new skullclad form he uses in the final battle with Rukia looking on, taken from the movie pamphlet, thanks to Annie and IR FC.

Cut for movie spoilers and strong opinions

Pic below and translation by Nacchan from  here. Comments by Mezzo. Interesting parallels are interesting.

Thank you Annie-san and Athena-san <33

Orikasa-san comment report

My favorite scene is when Rukia said 「Calm down」to Ichigo who was rushing blindingly to Kokutou and gave his sense/rationality back to him

She's always watching over Ichigo that's why she's able to say words like that,
and that is Rukia's appeal for this movie

she watches over his surroundings and always supports Ichigo calmly
Rukia could feel Ichigo's change (transformation) and that makes her heart one step stronger than before

Rukia's introduction page in the characters illustration book

She watches over Ichigo who keeps running from his honest feeling and stay by his side.
She always try her hardest to help him


OMG OMG the pararel with the dome is so blatant it's not even funny O.O

They are in hell, Rukia is there watching over Ichigo with an enemy that actually harming her, stabbing her and taking her hostage, their friends are all dead from hell miasma, yet she didn't gave up and didn't screaming for help AND still supports him, calming him down.. and you see how Ichigo doesn't turn into a mindless rampaging monster but he got a new power that saves them all as result

comment by mezzo_marinanio:

Quote Originally Posted by Nacchan

She watches over Ichigo who keeps running from his honest feeling and stay by his side.
She always try her hardest to help him

... as if the parallel wasn't obvious enough already.

This page doesn't use the verb 'help' (手伝う), but the verb 'save' (助ける).

Yep, the same verb Orihime used to call for Ichigo's help on the Dome.

Ok, deb here (Naccan was in blue and Mezz in red). Hmm, it does look like this much of the spoilers are being confirmed now, not that I doubted them with so many people repeating them. The parallel referred to above was something I was personally looking forward to from this movie--some further insight about the Lust story. Especially since Sensei had the movie start with a flashback of the UlquiIchi fight, I wanted confirmation for fandom (which had irritated me to no end with its "Ichigo's new form is a glorious savior" chant) that this IchiThing transformation was wrong and Orihime's behavior on the dome was a failure. I'd hoped the moment that I saw that this movie would feature IchiThing that it would deal with Ichigo's issues of wanting to protect (it may do the job in this one respect--the Byakuya lecture to Ichigo sounds like it will break my heart!) and Orihime's not doing all she could on the dome (yes, she threw up her shields, healed, and had a very understandable nervous breakdown but in the good shounen way she didn't fight against all odds like Ishida who did so with one hand against Ulquiorra--she didn't shoot her offensive weapon Tsubaki and she didn't fulfill her pre HM vow of fighting alongside Kurosaki). Apparently this movie doesn't deal with the latter issue directly but it does give us some amazing parallels. It does show us how IchiThing wasn't a hero. There is a parallel for Ichigo's form in manga canon and a parallel for Orihime's behavior as well--for the former, an in-control hollow who doesn't rampage (this skull-clad version) and who draws on the strength of others to defeat the enemy. And for Orihime's behavior, well let Ky speak
here in this post because this is her topic.

eta: Another image--a drawing by Kubo-sensei from movie pamphlet, thank you Annie:

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