Slipstreme (slipstreme) wrote in bleachness,

Happy Birthday Ulquiorra-sama!!!

Today was the first official day of SNOW too!!!!!! Our first snowstorm on Dec 1, also corresponding with my fav character's birthday.

There were flurries while I was asleep and not able to see them and I saw some flakes come out of the sky on a recent walk, but today there was snow on the ground, and in your face all day flurries, started out hard then softly coating the ground. It's supposed to snow all week. I'm so happy!

Art: Links cause I am lame and don't know how to do the cool DeviantArt hotlink thing without posting fullsize images that are too big for the thread.

Arts I have crossposted elsewhere in LJ:

Transcendent Piece of Segunda Etapa:

Pin-Up of Segunda Etapa:

Ulqui/Szayel centered: Yes I know I'm weird have odd tastes in pairings.

Banner for the FC:

A Crop from an old WIP I found and started inking:

Mature Content Murcielago(seg.etapa)/Fornicaras:(my crappy attempt to make Bleach "porn" fast)

If you like them, look for the pairing community on BA!

There will be more I have some Ulquiorra-centric WIPS in progress for the BA event that spans till the 8th to give us all time to draw, write etc.

ALSO Santa Surprise cookies are DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

Snow, Art and Noms all in one day!
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