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[fic] Blades of Epsilon

Blades of Epsilon, Chapter 8 has been posted, and now's when the action starts!

A tale for the sophisticated Bleach reader, here's what some of the readers have been saying:

""YES! YESYESYES! It's finally here!"
"I got sucked into your new story. As usual."
"Rukia's mission to have her way with Ichigo was pure awesome"
"I laughed so freakin hard"
"I was tearing up when it got to Orihime."
"hilarious and touching"
"I absolutely loved the Kuchiki Salvation series, but this one really does seem to have surpassed it sofar, and it's only just begun."

C'mon, you IchiRuki, IshiHime, and Nanao fans - I know y'all are out there - now's the time to pick this up! I hope to hear from my fellow Bleachness fans soon! :)

-Nathan J
Tags: fanfic, fanfiction, ichiruki, ishihime, rukia
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