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New Hellverse CM

Found by IchiRuki1 at BA.

I got a real kick out of this one. The new scenes look cool. Ichigo walking slowly in the battle in torn clothes looks cool. The animation looks cool. The actual hell gates being the doors to the movie theatre look awesome and the emotional fangirls--lol. I've been all excited since Mezz translated some of the latest spoilers from the early showings of the movie and the discussions of the movie at the IR FC at BA have been lively. Can't wait for the official release and more the wider audience to see and give details. The movie sounds REALLY exciting plot wise.

Also, in this week's anime (the one that ties into the movie), the omake is super cute and relevant to my interests. Artist!Rukia strikes again. XD

For latest spoiler translations
[info]mezzo_marinaio continues to provide at the IR FC at BA. I think I'm going to spazz and cry over the Byakuya goodness of her last post here
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