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Final Bleach Spine and IshiHime Contest Winners

We have the final Bleach spine and it's a troubled looking Ichigo and part of Ramen-guy's face! (eta: the spine looks incomplete doesn't it? It's supposed to be the last one but I keep thinking there has to be another one!)
Thanks to Zan of BA!

Thanks to everyone who voted in the polls for the IshiHime fanart and fanfic competitions. The competition is just lagniappe--the best part was watching all the wonderful fanwork come in--the entries and gifts brightened my birthday and I've got most of them up on my website now (http://www.debbiechan.com/main.html  <--still being updated. If you'd like me to link your art to your DA site or website and I haven't, PM me).

Now, announcement of the winners.

In the fanfic category:

1st place and winner of a $25 amazon.com gift certificate: The Long Sit by enisy

2nd place and winner of an Ishida and Orihime folder with notecards:                                                   
Of His and Her Circumstances [Part 1] by tsubameongaku

3rd place and winner of playing deck cards and postcards: In The Sky With Diamonds by nendo_chan

In the fanart category:

1st place and winner of 2000 Deviant Art Points: Guardian [MMV] by yorleni

2nd place tie: A Never Ending Dream by luminous85  and take a nap by moga_moka
(Prizes available for 2nd place winners: $15 amazon gift certificate, 1200 Deviant Art points, IshiHime doujinshi. PM me with your wish--first come, first served! I don't know how else to make it any more fair! XD)

Special deebie award of recognition:

I want to award the fanfic "The Long Sit" by enisy  with a special prize. We didn't have a judged competition this year because we didn't anticipate very many entries, but if we'd had the level of judged competition in this contest as in some others I'm sure that this fic would've received lots of attention and accolades. It's a beautifully crafted piece, and I'm especially touched by this gift because it comes from an author writing outside her particular shipping fandom. I always appreciate it when writers push outside their comfort zones and any gesture of shipping good will deserves ... sooo many cookies. So, given that I'm a horrible baker, I'm going to give enisy a the gift fic of her choice, by me, about any subject she wants, about any pairing she wants. XD. My pleasure. PM me--your wish is my command, enisy . It will be a short fic because I'm challenged for time lately but I look forward to challenging my writing chops again.
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