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Hellverse Movie Guide Translations/Spoilers

Hellverse Move Guide Translation

We have bits of translation from the Hellverse movie guide that was handed out at the premiere the other night! This information was all first posted at the IchiRuki FC at Bleach Asylum by me, but I'm just the messenger. The translation is by the lovely mezzo_marinaio. And thank you to Annie and Syn for providing the scan from poppy_moon  
(thank you Ku).


(Note: in this part, the interviewer asks each of the seiyuu five questions - Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 and Q5... but I only translated the second one because it seemed to be the most interesting. XD)

Q2 – A highlight of the character you played in this work?

Mimiko Orikasa: “The scene where Ichigo says he’s going to Hell… and she says ‘Well then, we’ll go together with you’, and then she smiles. It’s Ichigo and Rukia’s usual relationship, but their selves shine through.”

Kentarou Itou: “From an action-like perspective, I guess the scenes where he gets an individual fight… and I also liked his exchange with Rukia, when it became clear that they had to go to Hell.”

Noriaki Sugiyama: “Well, there are truly a lot of scenes to choose from… but personally, the one I wish to see the most is at the beginning, the scene at the school where everyone joins forces and fights the enemy together.”

Yuki Matsuoka: “This time, Orihime has a scene that makes your chest tighten a little… when she sees Ichigo off after he’s just decided to go to Hell, and she worries and says ‘Come back… you must absolutely come back’. I liked that scene.

Hiroki Yasumoto: “Sado-kun, eh… uhm… I wonder. But as I thought, it’s probably ‘El Directo!’. It feels good, to shout your skill to the world.”

KUBO’S INTERVIEW (the last part)

(Note: I translated this part because it seemed to be the most interesting, and because it related directly to the manga... he does mention Ulquiorra a little in the interview as well, but I think it's just to talk about the cool fight at the beginning of the movie. He REALLY liked that part! XD)

Interviewer: “In the original work, the Arrancar arc has finally reached its conclusion.”

Kubo: “At long last, it ended… yeah, I have that kind of feeling. Even though I said ‘I’ll end it next year’ back in JF, how many years ago… (laugh) Since I got to write out Aizen’s emotions and I was able to end Ichigo and Rukia’s part with a good feeling, I could breathe a sigh of relief… that’s what I think.”

Interviewer: “Having Ichigo’s reiatsu disappear was so shocking!”

Kubo: “Up until the end I still hadn’t decided whether it would disappear completely or not… but instead of doing things by halves and letting him keep a part of it, I made things progress like that.”

Interviewer: “In the Arrancar arc, which event impressed you and stayed with you the most?”

Kubo: “As expected, the part where Ichigo reaches his turning point. Ichigo vs Grimmjow, Ichigo vs Ulquiorra… and then, of course, the last fight with Aizen.”

Interviewer: “And the next story that you care to tell…”

Kubo: “If you’re talking about the general plot, there is one… but I still haven’t decided on the specifics for the conclusion. Since I also brought up some underplots in the Arrancar arc, there are still a lot of things that I want to write about. At the time when this book comes out the original work will be meeting a new development as well, so I think that you’ll be able to have fun with both that and the Hell chapter.”

Interviewer: “Well then, please give a final message for your readers!”

Kubo: “To be honest, in the Hell chapter there are also plenty of parts that we weren’t able to talk about here. So of course, I’d like for you to bring your legs to the theatre and watch the conclusion of the Hell chapter with your own eyes.”

Interviewer: “Thank you for today!”

All in all, it would seem that there are some little bits for everyone in the movie... though I guess we'll have to see if there's anything for IshiHime, sigh. And from Yasumoto's words I'm betting Chad is relegated to the sidelines again... dammit, anime team, what do you have against that sexy hunk of a boy! >_<

Orihime gets her usual one-sided longing scene and Ichigo and Rukia get their usual eyesmex... and hey, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Renji might get some nice conversation with Rukia too!

Most of all, though, I think that everyone will be happy to hear Kubo mention straight up the 'subplots' he's brought up in Hueco Mundo and still has to give resolution to. :P

There are some spoiler reports from people who attended the early showings of Hellverse showing up on blogs and on 2ch now. Enough of these have been appearing that some facts about the movie can be confirmed. The spoilers are at the IchiRuki FC at BA HERE. Some people find some of the details shocking so you may not want to be spoiled! Haha, I bet I just made you want to click!

ETA: and more spoiler translation about the FINAL BATTLE (again from Mezzo and link takes you to IR FC at BA).
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