Super Nintendo Chalmers (strawberries_85) wrote in bleachness,
Super Nintendo Chalmers

Ulquiorra's birthday bash

Hello there fellow Bleach fans and especially Ulquiorra fans.

Now that we know our beloved Ulquiorra's birthday, it is only right that we celebrate in style. So, I am holding the first annual "Ulquiorra's Birthday Bash Giveaway" - a week long celebration starting on December 1st. It will also be merged with the ulqui_hime community here on LJ and the Ulquihime FC on Bleach Asylum, for the shippers. (Shipping fanart will be posted on the last day of the celebration).

The rules can be found on BA, here:

If you are not a member of BA or any Ulquihime/Ulquiorra comms on LJ, feel free to post any fan stuff you have here on Bleachness and if you allow it, I will cross post it in the Ulquiorra FC.

If you have further questions, ask here or PM me through LJ.
Tags: ulquihime, ulquiorra
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