Kit-chan (chiave_trust) wrote in bleachness,

[randomfic] Standing Still - another present for the Debbie-san

Title: Standing Still
Author: chiave_trust
Warnings: UlquiHimeIshi. Yaaaaay. More of an introspective piece though.
Notes: I've been listening to "Standing" by VNV Nation lately and it shows. This is an early Hanukkah gift for _debbiechan_, or at least meant to be one.

Also, I need to learn to use beta readers.

Fic behind the cut.

Eyes betray the soul and its thinking.

Ishida Uryuu was not kind to his enemies, but he paused when he saw him.

This, this tear-faced arrancar, was reaching out -

- and Inoue Orihime was reaching back.

Time slowed.

Orihime? The princess... deigning to be kind to someone as harsh as this? was his first thought, but Why why I knew you cared for that stupid strawberry but why him, why here, why now

Why not me

why not me? can't you see me?


He stopped, stared, his expression not wanting to betray the frenzy of feelings and thoughts under the surface but it was so hard, so hard.


If nothing's ventured, nothing's gained
So I must seize the day.

"Hold my hand!" Orihime found herself yelling.

It was hard; they'd fought with him, Ichigo had fought with him but he couldn't be so bad, could he? Hollows weren't complete monsters, nor could these be - right?

They were just lost little souls.

Like crying children in a playground, lashing out and throwing tantrums and wishing mommy was there again to make everything okay.

She wondered what Ulquiorra had been. If he had ever been a child.

If he had ever smiled.

If it wasn't too late.


And fighting time so hard I pray
That this moment lasts forever
And will the world stay standing still
At least for me...

Ulquiorra Cifer thought he heard singing.

How odd, was his first thought, someone singing here, of all places.

But he caught the woman's eyes, teal gazing into a sobbing grey, and then it all made sense. Words - feeling - emotion -

- heart -

It wasn't real singing, no sounds were uttered, but he could feel the emotions all the same. It'd be alright, whatever happened it'd be alright.

The woman - this woman - had given him his heart back.

Time seemed to stand still, but he knew why. It was near the end.

I can't join you in your fight. He found himself wishing again even, wishing that she could pick up on those words even as numbness started to set in, as nothingness opened the door before him.

I can't join you... but it'll be alright. Everything will be alright, little princess.

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