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IshiHime Birthday Contest Entries & Gifts Master Post

hello everyone, the following is a comprehensive list of the IshiHime haul of fanworks that arrived for my birthday on Nov. 19 (and technically, in celebration of our Ishida-kun's birthday as well--that birthday was on Nov. 6. The dear boy gets so many birthdays in fandom but we've yet so see one celebrated in the manga. Wouldn't it be cool if one day one of the Bleach characters had cake and candles in manga time? The only date  I remember a big deal being made of was Masaki's death day). Thank you to karenai  for compiling the links while I was busy and sleepless. Thank you again to all the participants--you helped make a fandom that usually waits with the patience of basset hounds for a bone every once in a blue moon very very very happy. 

Please refer to this list of links before or as you make your decisions in the voting polls which I'll have up soon. I said I was going to be lenient with the deadline so if your entry made it at all near the deadline, I included it. XD  I know that I stipulated IshiHime work only but a couple of you made IshiHimeUlqui entries and wondered if they were eligible--well, I talked it over with my mods and I decided that because my description for fanfic was so open (I had stipulated only that the characters of Ishida and Orihime figure prominently) that the door should be open for art as well, so I included the IshiHimeUlqui art entry in the competition for prizes.

The winner of the fanfic category will get a $25 amazon.com gift certificate and the winner of the fanart category will a choice of the same or Deviant Art points. I'll see about distributing the other prizes (the doujin, the notebook folder, postcards or extra DA points) as the votes tally. You'll have the opportunity to vote for as many or as few entries as you wish in each category. (I hope to have the poll up soon while everyone is still checking for spoilers and needs something to do. XD)



The Long Sit by enisy
Pairing: Ishida/Orihime
Word Count: 1,493
Summary: She's been everybody else's girl.

Without Melody by chiave_trust
Rating: G
Warnings: Aiming for the general feel of the latest chapters. Also, short.
Note 1: For the IshiHime birthday contest 2010.
Note 2: lyrics (in italics) taken from Snow Patrol's "Set the Fire to the Third Bar".

Waiting Outside by afteriwake
Rating: PG
Spoilers: The latest chapter (can't remember the number), mostly because of the gorgeous Orihime pic.
Summary: All the waiting has lead to a perfect moment.
Authors Notes: I wrote this very quickly so I apologize for any mistakes. I couldn't not enter this challenge, but it's my first time writing this ship so be gentle? Thanks for such a wonderful challenge!

Color [UlquiIshiHime] by chiave_trust
Rating: R for smex. Because I wanted to write something smexy.
Warning: Short-short.

Hopeless Distraction by alexaclyne
Summary: Mr. Student Council President AKA Uryu is busy with paperwork. Then comes in Orihime. Then came a little accident. Then what will happen next? IshiHime one-shot.

In The Sky With Diamonds by nendo_chan
Rating: K
Details: Ishihime. Spoilers for the timeskip, dorks trying to kiss.
Summary: When she moves, the world tilts a little further off its axis.

Of His and Her Circumstances [Part 1] by tsubameongaku
Rating: T
Summary: For months, they had always noticed each other’s names. They were far too different and far too engrossed in their own worlds. But their differences--- they discover were only skin deep. After one discovery, one thing lead to another and it lead to friendship. Bit by bit; little by little--- things change.


After the Rain Has Fallen by darthsqueechan

A Never Ending Dream by luminous85

Daydreamers by alexaclyne

Iconoclasts by jynxed_keyboard

Icecream Time by alexaclyne

take a nap by moga_moka

A hug is all it takes by alexaclyne

UlqiHimeIshi Fanart [R-15] by acaedes_dono

OlderArabFiller IshiHime Fanart by acaedes_dono

Guardian [MMV] by yorleni

It Never Ceases to Bleed by la_kalaka

Ishida and Orihime's first date by peca_06

An Almost Kiss Scene by jczala

Under the Starry Sky by alexaclyne

GIFTS :D ===============================================================


Hairpin Arrows by dbnext

Gift art from rusky_boz
Note: Just a small warning for mild-nudity and umm, smexy Ishida....? ORZ

Art & Writing (Song) by loverofstories

Timeskip!IshiHime sketch by hidden_gems

Timeskip Ishida and Orihime - surprise coincidence by Lady Melissa

Other gifts :D

Ishihime Icons by aentee

Doujinshi scan: qwirky uploaded this BYPASS doujinshi: KISEKI guidance.
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