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Sensei tweets about Rukia's breasts, MORE merchandise, mystery character in Hell manga chapter...

The tidal wave of Bleachness stuffs continues this week! Besides a regular chapter there will be a movie-tie in chapter from Kubo. WSJ advertised the chapter this way:

Next week a special chapter will appear in JUMP relating to the movie, in the chapter an arrancar arc character will appear. Who could this mystery figure be?

Here's the pic--some people are guessing it's Charlotte in Hell although I'm leaning with people who say the outline of the mystery figure resembles Grimmjow's released form.

The Whole Hog of merchandising continues!
My wish list now includes the IchiRuki Eternity Ring, the Ulquiorra shirt, and NOW this (ridiculous but so cute) New Year's Spread Fan and the Ishida metallic poster (at least I think it's a metallic poster)

Some pics from the movie that Annie found! Orihime in another set of clothes besides her school uniform and HM outfit! (This gives me hope that she'll be in the movie for more than a tiny bit, even if she doesn't follow the gang to Hell like in the summary)

A face only a mother could love?

The tentacles have Rukia!!

Three costume changes for Hime!

Thanks to Lazy Mew here for image of HUGE POSTER that she got in the mail along with the Jump Festa DVD. It's the Mr & Mrs Smith pic of Ichigo and Rukia on one side (for the Memories in the Rain OVA re-release) and Hitsugaya, Renji and Hanatarou on the left side (for the Diamond Dust Rebellion):
POSTER (click to Enlarge)

Finally, with thanks to translator Nacchan who posted in the Rukia FC at BA here, we have a tweet from Sensei about Rukia's breasts!

Happy Thanksgiving week to those who celebrate! Looks like we're getting Bleach goodies galore with our feast! I'll get the voting polls for the IshiHime Birthday contest up soon!.
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