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First thanks to everyone who contributed entries and gifts yesterday and helped make my birthday so special. I was so happy that we got a lovely three and a half page Ishida and Orihime scene in the manga just in time to rouse everyone's spirits too. The mods and I will get together a voting poll soon so you can choose your favorites in the two categories fanart and fanfic, but as I always like to say, the winners are fandom--in this case, the IshiHime fandom which rarely gets many goodies but it's been a special week for us (and yays for the UlquiHimeIshi entries--hey, I really was open about the fic category in the contest description so I'm letting both UlquiHimeIshi entries stand in the competition for prizes--and I just happen to love the trio and think its all hot as get-out so THANKS <3)

Fandom can be so crazy and debilitating but so fun sometimes so thanks again everybody. I really can't believe how big this community has grown--and all from my not wanting to flood my personal LJ with my blah blah about Bleach so I started this comm for my fic and observations. Six years now as a Bleach manga reader for me and 10 whole years of Bleach! The merchandise goodies would put me in debt if I bought them all (my comic calendar came--holy moly is that thing HUGE--it's in the box taking up the whole foyer). The movie goodies have included everything from Bleach foods to Bleach cork coasters. Here are some:

Insert all "I could eat him up" jokes here.

COASTERS! There was an Ishida one (he tends to get left out of the merchandising--he didn't make the hawt mens anime calendar this year--booo) I really have my eye on the UlquiHime coaster. There was a IchiHime one as well (no Ishida and Orihime--boo again) and nods to various pairings like GinRan and GinKira and HitsuMomo in the merchandising. If I lived in Japan I'd voice my consumer shipping preferences so loudly! (like hey, I made Ky buy me RENISHI pens last year during her holiday).

This is the mousepad I wish I had (I don't need it--my current Orihime EAT MORE LEEKS mousepad is so nice!) but I'm a sucker for Chappy stuffs and this one is IchiRuki.

Niii-saaaama! And I'd love that Gin and Aizen badge--my love for that pairing hasn't died even though one of the characters has (has he? Oh Sensei--I'll never trust you when you kill characters). In my head canon, AiGin and GinRan both work and I can see the GinKira tension even though I don't like the pairing. I'd certainly eat that Gin and Kira ice cream that was being sold in promotion for the movie. XD

I guess I'll just be happy with my calendar if I ever want my kids to go to college--I seriously can NOT buy any more Bleach stuff. And thanks again for all the contributions to the contest yesterday and for everyone's contributions to this community over the years--fandom stuffs are always better than mugs and pins in my book, second only to canon drawings from the manga-ka himself. The fanworks from all of you are the greatest--don't stop! My love for Bleach hasn't stopped yet so keep it coming! <3

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