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[ISHIHIME FIC] Of His and Her Circumstances || Part 1

Title: Of His and Her Circumstances
Author: Tsubame Ongaku
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Uryuu Ishida and Orihime Inoue
Rating: T

For months, they had always noticed each other’s names. They were far too different and far too engrossed in their own worlds. But their differences--- they discover were only skin deep. After one discovery, one thing lead to another and it lead to friendship. Bit by bit; little by little--- things change.

Notes: The last IshiHime fic I made was back in 2007, ‘Dance with Me!’. That was a very long time ago and because I am so busy lately, I have had not time to catch up with much of the manga. That is why my original play to write a sequel called, ‘Dance for Me’ was scrapped. I need a lot of catching up to do. I find this sad because I find that I am still a fan of this pairing after all these years. Not wanting to be left out of the IshiHime Anniversary, I decided to make an AU--- sort of crossover with Kare Kano. It didn’t come out very Kare Kano-ish in the end. I hope my writing hasn’t gotten too rusty and enjoy.~~

This is Orihime’s point of view. But this is just the part 1. I don’t know if Part 2 will be able to make it for your birthday, Deb, but I am still going to post it. That is for sure.

Happy Birthday, Debbiechan! :D


: Of His and Her Circumstances :
By Tsubame Ongaku


: Part I :

: Her :


Life has taught us that love does not consist
in gazing at each other but in looking
outward together in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery; Wind, Sand and Stars









Uryuu Ishida




Inoue Orihime



“Orihime, you really are unbelievable.”

The rankings for midterms were already up. Most of their classmates were already back in class. Two girls stayed behind, not wanting to get crushed by the crowd of people literally stepping on each other to see how they faired. There were normally two reactions to the posting of rankings: Pleasure or Aggravation.

Well--- normally. Ichigo Kurosaki was an exception. He didn’t display either reaction when he saw that was ranked 19th during the Mock exams. In fact, his friends seemed to have reacted more than he did. They were not the first ones. Most people get surprised when they saw the delinquent-type ranked so high on exams.

To be even it the Top 20 is an amazing feat--- especially when there were 300 students in the their grade.

One girl wasn’t. She always knew he was intelligent. But, then again… she was an oddball too.

Orihime Inoue smiled at her dark-haired friend and tilted her head, genuinely confused by her comment. “Eh?! Why do you say that, Tatsuki-chan?” she asked. She was all smiles and pleased that she had ranked so high. All those nights she spent studying was finally paying off. Already, she was planning to reward herself--- with maybe a tuna fish crepe and chocolate syrup.

She made a mental note to buy chocolate syrup on her way home, though.

Shaking her head, with both an amazed and proud smile on her face, she answered, “It is still kind of hard to believe that a girl that eats tofu with soy sauce and maple syrup and believed in Santa Clause until middle school is this smart.”

Orihime pouted, but it wasn’t there for very long because it was quickly replaced with a bright smile. “Eh? That is a pretty mean thing to say, Tatsuki-chan. Besides, there is still a Santa!”

Tatsuki Arisawa sighed and shrugged her shoulders. “I rest my case.” Inoue’s child-like demeanor ad always been the most charming part about her, despite it coming off as strange most of the time. Her eyes scanned the rankings again. “Look who else made the list. It looks like he went up too.”



Kurosaki Ichigo




“Kurosaki-san did well too?” Orihime stared at the name and smiled happily, not noticing the people who were walking up behind them. There to see how they ranked as well.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” A voice shouted from behind them. “ICHIGO! How could you! You---you went up four more places!” Tatsuki and Orihime turned around to see who they were. It was Ichigo and his friends. It was Keigo Asano that was making a scene at the moment, despairing that his friend… not only did well in the exams but went up in the ranks.

Mizuiro Kojima tried unsuccessfully to calm down his friend, but to no avail. Ichigo just glanced at his name briefly before moving on towards their classroom, seemingly not at all noticing the other two girls. It was either that or he simply chose to pretend not to. Ichigo really didn’t see why his friends were making such a big fuss about it. “I like to go home and study. There is nothing else to do.”

“I invite you to check out girls all the time!”

He shrugs. “Which is why I just like to go home.”

Still in tears, Keigo was led away by Mizuiro as they followed Ichigo down the hall.

Despite the fact that they were only there briefly, Orihime felt extremely nervous and tongue-tied. Tatsuki noticed. She was always that way when Kurosaki was near and Orihime doesn’t make sense and babbles for a minute of two after he leaves.

She had always ad a crush on Ichigo. Orihime had just never been very good at showing it. Most people she quickly left his presence because she was afraid of him. It was too far from the truth.

As Orihime struggled to get her thoughts back, she focused her attention back to the rankings again. Her eyes stopped at another name… the only name above hers.

Uryuu Ishida.

This was the third time that he scored higher than her. The first time was at the Entrance exams, then at the Mock exams; now the Midterms. Despite how much she studied, she was always a point or two…or three below. Not that she really minded about not being number one.

Her friend how seriously Orihime seemed to stare at the name and shook her head. “He got first again?”

There was a face behind that name. She knew. But despite it being a small school, they had never really met face to face. She heard a lot of things about him. He was especially known for his intelligence, cool personality… and strange hobby. No one told her yet what that hobby was yet, but she had to admit that she was rather curious.

The warning bell sounded, so Tatsuki knew that it was probably time to leave now. Their Math teacher didn’t really look kindly at tardiness. And, after being late two times already the last week, she would rather not risk another warning. “Inoue, I think we should go. We’ll be late for class.”

With a ready smile, the orange-haired girl nodded and began walking with her bestfriend towards their next class. Instantly, she began talking about trying a new recipe of Tofu with red bean paste to reward herself later and invited Tatsuki if she wanted to try it with her.

She gave an immediate answer. “No. Sometimes, Orihime, I wonder where all that weird food goes.” She stopped briefly and turned to her friend that was smiling expectantly at her. “Nevermind. I do know,” she muttered.

It was a popular joke in school that all the food that Orihime consumes did not go to her small waist… but to her ample breasts. It never seemed to matter how much she ate. Her waist remained tiny, yet her breasts seem to grow bigger by the year.

As they walked away, Orihime looked back in time to see another student standing on the same spot they just left. He too was looking up at the rankings with a rather solemn expression. Normally, that wouldn’t be very odd. In fact, with Orihime’s attention span, she wouldn’t even give him a second look.

Yet, that was what she did… give him a second look.

She had never seen him before. It was probably because he belonged to another class.Se would know if he belonged to their class. He didn’t really stand out--- not like how Ichigo always stands out. But, even from the distance she stood, Orihime could tell that he was probably pretty. His body was lean and his hair was dark and straight.

Noticing that her friend seemed to have stopped following her, Tatsuki called out, “Oi, Inoue. Why did you stop walking? We’re going to be late.”

“Eh?--- Uhh… I’m sorry. Coming!” But before she continued after Tatsuki, Orihime turned back one last time. This time. She wasn’t the only one looking.

Her eyes met his. It was only then that she got a clear look of his face. He looked very stern. Almost angry… especially his eyes. It was too bad because they were really a pretty blue color behind his glasses.

Panicking now, Tatsuki finally grabbed her friend and began dragging her away. She wasn’t exactly sure what her friend was daydreaming about but she could do that when the teacher isn’t out for her blood. “Come on, Hime. I can’t afford to be late. Math isn’t exactly my strong point you know!”

“Okay!” Orihime replied, allowing herself to be dragged away.

At that time, she thought for sure that it was going to be the last time that she was ever going to see him. By the end of the day, after a game of basket- cer  [1]  with Tatsuki, she had even almost forgotten him.

The next day though, there was a meeting of the Handicrafts Club--- she literally bumped into him again.

It was an accident really. She was in a hurry to get her sewing kit from her locker and he was just about to open the door to enter. The two inevitably collided into one another. Since he was a lot bigger and stronger, it was she would was pushed back trying to get her balance. Quickly, a large hand grabbed her arm and helped her get her balance back.

She did. Looking up, she wanted to thank her rescuer. To her surprise, it was him. The same glasses wearing guy from the hallway.

There was an awkward silence after that. And Orihime, gave an even more awkward laugh. “I really am sorry. I was in a hurry.” She straightened and took back her arm from his grasp. “I am such a klutz.” She made a silly face, hoping to break the silence by making him laugh.

He didn’t laugh, however. Instead, he stared at her with a blank expression and gave a nod, before moving aside for her to pass. The girl blinked at first and nodded back before walking pass him.

That guy… was a really funny guy. Maybe he should seem scary, but strangely she didn’t find him scary at all. How could she afraid of someone… that was really a gentleman really.

When she got back, she found all the other members of the Handicrafts Club gathered around the guy. They were giving him pats on the back and nudging him on the arm. Everyone seemed to know him. She found it rather strange because she didn’t find him familiar.

Finally curious, she asked her friend in the club for his identity.

“Oh, right. You weren’t a member yet when he joined,” her friend muttered. “That is Ishida Uryuu. He joined a day before you did. But, he isn’t here very often because of a part-time job I think. He’s a demon with a needle.”

As if to prove a point, another classmate of hers tugs on Ishida’s sleeve and showed him her damaged teddy bear. Orihime couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but she was probably asking him to fix it for her. The next thing Orihime knew, he took the doll and tossed it in the air--- his hands were fast, inhumanly fast as he slipped the thread into the eye of the needle and began working on the teddy bear as gravity pushed it back down.

Before they knew it, the toy was fixed before it even reached the table.

Orihime was amazed! Very amazed and difficult to believe if she had not witnessed it herself. Then, she realized… that this must be the strange hobby that people talked about. She turned to Ishida, he was still surrounded by the other girls and they were applauding.

So this was Ishida Uryuu. It was strange to finally have a face for the name now. A part of her probably just wanted to imagine that the person with a strange name was a robot from the future that was sent to the past to change something dramatically horrible that was going to happen in the future.

A moment later, Ishida looked up and stared back at her.

This time, with Tatsuki not around---

---there was nothing stopping her from staring right back.


Who didn’t like lunch time?

It was the only time during the school day that students get to really hang out with their friends be lovey-dovey with their boyfriend or girlfriend. For Orihime, it was the perfect time to try out her new recipes.

“Meat buns with cheese and red bean paste for lunch!” Orihime said to herself, walking down the hall on her way outside to join her friends for lunch. She had to stay behind to pick up some noted for her teacher before joining the others. It has been a week since she last saw Ishida because he stopped coming again after that day. The others figured that it was probably because of his job again. No one really knew what this job was… but it really did keep him busy.

Her lunch was already ready in her hands. Maybe even this time Tatsuki would like to try.

“Oi, Inoue.”

At the all too familiar voice, Orihime froze. She didn’t need to turn to know who it belonged to.

“Have you seen that shorty, Kuchiki?”

Orihime gave a nervous laugh and turned to Ichigo, who was looking down at her with a very intimidating expression. As much as she wanted to reply as articulately as she could and not look or sound stupid, she didn’t. “Blargglstounvbs---Haha---teriodbdfakvfei.” To save herself from more embarrassment, she began backing away and laughing to cover it all up.

Ichigo stood there, very confused at first and just nodded before moving away. He thought that he was probably scaring her--- because that was usually the effect that he had on people.

She quickly hid herself around the corner and took a deep breath, hitting herself lightly on the head. Her cheeks were red and was still having a bit of trouble trying to construct a decent sentence. That wasn’t all… it seemed he was looking for Miss Rukia Kuchiki, the new classmate they got.

They really looked close. They come to school together. Sometimes talk together at lunch and sat next to each other in class.

She knew it was none of her business and it shouldn’t upset her, but it did. More than she liked to admit.

She supposed that Ichigo probably liked Miss Kuchiki. How could he not? She was really cute, nice and really very interesting too. Even that weird way she talked was cute. It really did hurt… but what could she do?

“Don’t beat yourself up over it.” Another voice spoke up. Her cheeks became even redder and in surprise yelped when she saw Ishida beside her, his face hidden under a book and casually leaning against a wall. “That guy is just dense.” With that he, removed is face from behind the book and tucked it inside his book bag before he turned to her.

“How long…how much did you see?”

“The whole thing,” he admitted honestly. “And you have a pretty honest face.”

“Please, Ishida-san. Don’t tell him,” she begged, her eyes frantic and begging. It seemed she was so desperate that she didn’t even notice when she dropped her lunch on the floor. She was much too embarrassed and she wouldn’t be able to bear it if he said no to her.

“I guess this means that it saves us the trouble of having an introduction,” Ishida said she called him by his name. They have never been properly introduced really. There had been plenty of opportunities, but no real reason to. But, judging from how he looked at her he knew exactly who she was.

He was taken by surprise by her panicked state and for that moment, his face softened considerably. He had never planned to do anything with what he learned at all. It was only then that he noticed that her hands were grasping on his arm very tightly. She didn’t seem to notice it either in her desperate state. With a sigh, he could never refuse her. He was too much of a gentleman to do anything to upset her. His hand reached to touch her bright orange hair, comfortingly. “I won’t. I promise.”

Then bending down, he used the hand that was not being grasped by Orihime’s to pick up her lunch container on the floor and returned it to her. The girl blinked and hesitantly let go of his arm and accepted her lunch. “Thank you--- and I am so sorry about that.”

Shaking his head, he told her to forget it. Pushing up his glasses up the bridge of is nose, he reminds her. “You should go. Your friends must be waiting for you.”

Nodding, she began backing away and ready to run. “You really are nice, Ishida-kun---ah! You should come by the Handicrafts Club a lot more. We can be really good friends there.” She threw him one last smile and ran off to join her friends at the courtyard.


After that, she did see a lot more of him in the club. Much to the surprise of all the members. Ishida never joined club for more that two consecutive days. They pondered over the sudden change in his attendance.

“What about your job, Ishida-kun?” One member asked.

Ishida shrugged indifferently, not looking up from his book. “I can do it after club.”

And it was settled just like that. As promised, Orihime talked to him much more often during club. Sometimes, she would even ask him to teach her how to do a very difficult stitch.

It didn’t take long for her to start noticing a change in Ishida. Lately, his eyes looked less angry when she looked at them. He didn’t look as serious too… Well, she couldn’t really say that he looked happy--- but at least now when she looked into his eyes they didn’t look emotionless. They were much more gentler.

“What are you making, Ishida-kun?”

“I am not making anything, really,” he answered, not looking up from what he was working on. “I am just fixing this shirt.”

Orihime looked watched him work from behind. His stitches were precise and accurate; his movements quick. Before she could say another word. He was done.

“What do you think?” He asked her, a cocky grin on his lips expecting her to compliment him on his achievement as he spread the large shirt for her to see.

She blinked, a bit lost as she assessed his work on the shirt. It was amazing like usual. She could barely even see the signs of his mending. But, what exactly did he want her to see? “It looks great, Ishida-san!” she told him, not wanting to disappoint him.

“Doesn’t it? I knew it would look better with the cross.”

It was only then that she understood. He had added the cross there. It was his own personal touch. When she saw it, she almost giggled but stopped herself. Most people really thought that Ishida was such a cool character… but the more she knew him the sillier he was.

And she liked him that way.


Orihime really didn’t like staying in school late at night. The empty halls, the cold night and the trees tapping on the windows made the school looked like the perfect set for a Horror movie. As much as she enjoyed a good horror movie, she really didn’t like the thought of being part of one.

It really didn’t help that she had a big imagination too. She could almost see those three headed, thousand eyed monsters lurking in the darkness. That made her wish that she refused the request her teacher gave her to help her with her with some of her work while she rushed to the hospital to have her baby.

Tatsuki had offered to stay behind with her, but Orihime insisted that she will be fine. Tatsuki had a tournament soon and she didn’t want to hinder her from her training. She promised that she would finish before the sun sets…

…unfortunately, she didn’t. Which is why she was now in the empty hall, trying her best not to let her imagination go wild when another tree taps on the window.

The last straw was finally when a door of a classroom slammed shut. The girl screamed and ran as fast as she could to the nearest exit that was two floors down. On the second to the last floor, she again was not looking at where she was going… and slammed straight into---

“Miss Orihime, what are you still doing here? It is late.”


Straightening his glasses that had fallen in the impact, he nodded. “I have a few questions, Miss Inoue… but first, would you please get off me?”

It seemed Ishida had broken her fall, but this time she had been going so fast in her fright that she was able to push him down on the floor. Her books were scattered all over the floor around them.

She laughed nervously and as quickly as she could hopped off him. “I am so sorry, Ishida-kun. It is just that there was a ghost and a door slammed and I got scared that it was going to come after me and eat me.”

Ishida sits up and rubs the small bump on his head, his eyes not leaving hers. It was probably almost eight in the evening. She should be home around this time, right? “What are you doing here anyway?”

“I was doing a favor for my teacher, Mrs. Honda. She had her baby earlier. What about you? What are you doing here?”

“Well, I---”

The sound of footsteps running behind them interrupted them. Running behind Ishida were Ichigo, Miss Rukia and… the friend that’s shirt was mended by Ishida at club. She recognized the cross on his shirt. Ichigo spoke first, “Oi, Ishida. What is taking you?--- Inoue?”

They all looked puzzled by her presence… and she was just as puzzled by why they were all there at that time of the night.

“Go back. I’ll take her home,” he told them, as he began helping her with her things on the floor. Once that was done, he stood up and then helped Orihime to her feet. “I won’t be long.”

Ichigo crosses his arms in front of him and gave a hard frown. “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” It was late and a gentleman shouldn’t leave a female to her own devices. “I will be back before you know it. I am sure you can handle things before I get back, can’t you?” Ishida frowned back, as if daring the other to contradict him.

The orange-haired teen nodded and turned around, not asking any more questions. Ishida usually knew what he was doing. He was just going to have to trust him this time too. “Just be sure to get her home safely.”

“Idiot. Who do you think you are talking to?”

That was the last thing he said before leading Orihime away.

Throughout the whole exchange, Orihime had been quiet and just didn’t know what to make of it. What were they doing in school at that time of night? Since when did Ishida and Ichigo seem to know each other so well? There were a lot of questions.

Her confusion must be pretty obvious because he then said, “I will answer your questions of what happened here tonight another time. Let’s just get you home, okay, Miss Inoue.”

“You always call me, Miss Inoue,” she commented. “You can always call me, Orihime. We’re friends, aren’t we? I’d like it very much if you would call me Orihime… like I call you Ishida-kun.”

For a few minutes, he pondered over that but finally nodded. He felt a bit awkward about doing as she asked, though. It was certainly much more proper for him to address her with more respect, right? But, if that was really what she wanted--- “Alright, Miss Orihime.”

At that, the girl laughed. It certainly wasn’t much, but it was a start.

Once they were finally outside the school, Orihime felt a lot more relaxed. Maybe it was because it was a lot more brighter outside with all the street lamps… or it was also because Ishida was now there with her, so she felt a lot more ease now that she wasn’t alone. It was the first time that someone walked her home that wasn’t Tatsuki or her a female friend. It should feel strange, right? But, she felt strangely comfortable.

“So, you’re friends with Kurosaki-san, Ishida-kun?”

He straightened his glasses up again, and looked away from her. “Maybe ‘friend’ is much too strong a word.” But there was also a lack of a better word to describe their relationship. “Have you had dinner yet, Miss Orihime?”

Now that he mentioned it, she hadn’t. At least not yet. Being in an empty school ad not inspired her to develop an appetite. “No. Not yet. I wasn’t hungry… but now I am,” she admitted quite begrudgingly.

Glancing at his watch, Orihime wondered why he was so concerned about the time. “We can stop by somewhere so you can eat before we head back to your home.”

“Eh! No, there is no need.” If he was pressed for time, she didn’t want to trouble him because she just felt a little hungry. “I can fix something at home.” To show him that she was still okay, she began to do marching motions and then jogging motions. “See, Ishida-kun? I am still fine!”

The tailor wasn’t exactly sure what to make of Orihime’s marching and jogging, but decided not to question her. As they walked, Ishida watched her as she began to talk about her day. It was probably her way to assure him that she was fine and that she was not going to just pass out any time.

If there was one word to describe the girl, it was:


It was probably strange for him not to think of her as beautiful, lovely or like a rose in the night as most of the male students in their grade seem to think of her. He just kept thinking, unusual… because she was and was probably the most charming thing about her. Despite the fact that he really couldn’t understand her most of the time.

He was a gentleman that didn’t like wasting time on flowered words--- and was probably why he was personally confused why Shakespeare didn’t simply say what he meant.

Like she seemed to do very naturally.

She was happy over the strangest things.

She had the weirdest imagination. He knew about her wish to become the first female robot to ever walk all over Japan and take over Hokaiddo. He also knew she wanted going skiing there as the said female robot.

And for some reason he could not understand, he really had a soft spot for her.

“I heard that you live alone. Where are your parents?” He asked.

With a bright smile still on her face, she told him. “My brother and I left them when I was little. When he was old enough to get a job and take care of me, he took me with him. He never really told me… but I don’t think they were very nice people. My brother died about six years ago.”

“I am sorry. I shouldn’t have brought it up.”

“It is alright. You were curious. It is alright to be curious.. and it really isn’t something to be ashamed of..”

Despite the carefree smile, it was still clear that it had not been very easy. Ishida understood that very well. She had to fend for herself… because she couldn’t go back to her parents. He understood that it must have felt lonely as well not to have family or blood to lean on.

“My grandfather, the man who raised me died when I was a kid too.” This was the first time that he admitted this willingly to anyone. “My father and I aren’t at all that close either. So, I understand what you are going through.” Unlike her though, she was not going through one day at a time with a smile. Smiling didn’t feel as easy anymore.

“So, you are living alone too, Ishida-kun?”

“Yes. I have an apartment a few blocks from the school.”

“Oh.” Tilting her head up to see the stars. “It’s lonely, isn’t it?”

“Sometimes excruciatingly.”

Not wanting the nice evening to end with a sour note, she quickly changed the topic. She told him of how horrible she was with computers and cell phones. And, also told him of the time that she left her cell phone in the freezer. It was another strange discovery for Ishida too, because she seemed very fond of technology in general. She talks of robots often.

“Thank you for walking me home, Ishida-kun,” she said as they began nearing her apartment. “Hnm… did I talk too much?” Finally, realizing that she had been doing all the talking the whole time. He must already be bored listening to her.

“No. Not at all. I found it intriguing to listen to you defend why you think in the future we are going to have a robot built by government will someday become president.” Yes, he listened to everything she said. It was an odd notion, but it was not so boring that he had to pull himself away.

“Really? Tatsuki thinks it is a bit silly.” Now stopping in front of her door. “You have to go back now, right?”

He nodded, watching her unlock the door of her apartment. “I have to. I will see you at club, then.”

Orihime nodded, her gaze went to the floor. Despite the fact that he had done it before often times--- though without her noticing, Ishida pushed a lock of stray hair from her face. It surprised her… because it really was her first time noticing.

“Goodnight, Miss Orihime.” He smiled softly, before turning and walked away.

For a few seconds, Orihime just stood there at her door in shock. Her face turning pink but she had no idea why.


The rankings of the Pre-final exams were finally posted after a week of torture for the students. The exams were grueling. Three exams a day--- and only an hour for each exam. Most students were just about ready to jump off the cliff.

While others did as well as they always did.








Uryuu Ishida




Inoue Orihime



Again, Tatsuki and Orihime waited for their classmates to clear away before going to see how they did. Tatsuki was satisfied with her score. It was enough to keep her in the Taekwando team. She was about to talk to Orihime about her score but she was too busy… staring at the list.

Uryuu Ishida.

He was still there. At first place.

Tatsuki was a bit worried about her friend. Orihime hadn’t been herself since the night that she had to walk home alone. Sometimes she while in the middle of talking excitedly, she would suddenly stop and just quiet down for a minute before Tatsuki had to shake her back from her daydream.

It wasn’t that daydreaming was weird. It was Orihime. She had the weirdest imagination she knew, but it was just that sometimes she would look confused or lost in the middle of these daydreams. That was just strange.

“Looks like Kurosaki did well again.”



Kurosaki Ichigo




Kurosaki Ichigo took the 15th spot again.

And… Orihime barely noticed. Unlike before, she forgot to scan the list for Ichigo’s name. Her gaze was fixed only in one name. It was the one above her.

Looking at the time, Tatsuki knew that she had to leave. Her Master needed to talk to her about the details of an upcoming tournament. “Oi, Orihime. Let’s go.”

Her friend smiled. “I want to stay here a little longer. Is that alright?”

Confused, but nodded. Tatsuki left. Whatever was bugging Orihime, if she wasn’t yet ready to tell her she couldn’t really push her to. She had always came to her when it was getting too much, but never before.

Alone, she stared at the name above hers.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she only barely registered another person walking up beside her.

Ishida scanned the list as well, quickly found Ichigo’s name beside the number 15. “Looking for Kurosaki’s name?

“Ishida-kun?” she whispered, then shook her head. “No. Tatsuki-chan pointed it out to me earlier that Kurosaki-san did well. I was just… I just wanted to look for a bit more. You are number one again, Ishida-kun. That is so cool! How do you do it?”

“The same way everyone does it, I guess. Study.”

“Tatsuki-chan always said that is what I the best at.” She laughed, clasping her hands behind her. “I am very stupid when it comes to other things.”

“That is not true. You are not at all stupid. You are just much more honest and… hopeful than most people. You say what you believe and you hope for impossible things… but things that I bet others have at some point in their lives had hoped for as well.”

“You really think that?”

He shrugged and gave a small, slow grin. “I have always watched you.”

Suddenly, Rukia came running and looking a bit worried. It didn’t look like she noticed Orihime. Her expression was serious and solemn. “Uryuu-san, it is time. We’ll be late,” she told him, not using her usual strange way of talking. “Kurosaki and---”

Finally realizing that he was not alone, she quickly changed back to her strange and playful way of talking and a smiling face. “Everyone is waiting for us~ It is time to go!~”

Nodding, he answered quickly. “I’ll be with you in a minute.”

Now that the message was relayed, Rukia left and leaving the two of them alone below the list again.

“I should go to work now,” Orihime whispered, still a bit confused by Rukia’s quick change in personality. “You need to go now too, right?”

“Yes. I’ll see you at club, then?” Unconsciously, pushing her hair back behind her ear. It was becoming a very familiar gesture…


Before he left, he left a kiss on her cheek.

…and that was not familiar gesture at all.

Coughing nervously as he pushes his glasses up again, hiding a small flush behind his hand. “Goodbye, Miss Orihime.”

With that, he left… and she was there frozen again except for one hand that had unconsciously waved ‘byebye.’

Will she ever get used to this leaving you frozen feeling?


Author: There will still be a Part 2. I am really trying my best to finish it as fast as I can. This is a two-parter, but I wanted it to stand on it’s own as well. I didn’t want to leave it as a cliffhanger. Just in case I am a little later with the Part 2. This was not beta-edited too. I couldn’t find one in time since I only found out about the contest yesterday.


[1] Basket-cer – A game that is the combination of Basketball and soccer. A game that Orihime invented. The object of the game is to dribble the ball and shoot it into soccer goal, trying your luck getting it pass a goalie. </b>
Tags: ishihime, ishihime birthday contest, ishihime fic contest
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