darthsqueechan (darthsqueechan) wrote in bleachness,

वर्षा के बरसने के बाद ... After the Rain Has Fallen [Fanart]

Hello again, Bleachness! And a very, very special birthday to Debbie! :D May your day be filled with puppies and rainbows.

Here's my entry for the lovely contest! I was inspired by Bollywood, although I think a little Arabian snuck its way into those pants. Ah well, C'est la Vie. This took, gosh, I don't know, 20+ hours, but I never work continuously so I can't be sure. I'm also just not that good at coloring, so it takes me a ton longer than any decent artist. XD Ah well. I hope you all enjoy the picture, and I hope it feels very Bollywood to you!

(Full Size here)
Tags: fanart, ishihime, ishihime birthday contest
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