sora_66 (sora_66) wrote in bleachness,

fanart by Sora_66

so i was randomly possessed with the urge to draw these guys. when i started it was going to be an ishi/hime, but i changed my mind...

so, they're behind the cut. i always enjoy your comments/criticism, so i encourage you to look...:)

spoiler if you're not in Hueco Mundo yet...

hime first!! i drew her kicking all kinds of ass, because i'm SURE that will come at some point in the manga...hurry up Kubo Tite...
i don't think she's as good as uryuu, but whatever. her hair was evil to draw, and i screwed it up pretty well...o_O

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now uryuu (my personal favorite!!) obviously, i stole this from that amazing picture in the manga where he pulls out scheele schnider for the first time...but it was really fun to draw...:)

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haha...x-posted like woah.
Tags: fanart, ishida, orihime, uryuu
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