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A hug is all it takes. [Fan Art]

The first one I drew for Debbie-chan’s contest~<3

I probably outdid myself with this. I rarely do artworks with pencil alone, since I’m very, very messy when it comes with pencils. ;n; Which is kinda why I bought a Tutorial Book on Lead Penciling which helped. I applied some of the techniques given there on this artwork. The background too, is from that book. I was listening to swoony, love songs my mom was playing on the stereo, which helped me get in the mood. :) Seriously, I am so proud of this one! I was going to color it digitally but I decided not to. ^^

I wanted to give this a somewhat wintery feel (I think it would snow already during Ishida-kun’s B-day) hence the dead-looking trees and, snowy ground *hopes it looks that way* It’s actually a park where the two are. And oh, the scanner hates me. ;n;

Here’s a little backstory. Orihime was busy going around town looking for 'the perfect gift' for Uryu. He noticed what she was doing (except for the reason why) and by late afternoon, Orihime asked Uryu to go meet her in the park. Orihime gave him the gift and told him all the effort she did just to 'make him happy for once on his birthday' since she seems to notice that he wasn't really been happy during his past birthdays. She gave him a hug too. Uryu was indeed happy and thanked Orihime for being so thoughtful. He appreciates the gift but appreciates her show of affection more. <3 *points drawing*

AND I'm feeling hungry. ;_; I had a VERY hard time getting this through because my internet is slow this morning. ._.

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