Kit-chan (chiave_trust) wrote in bleachness,

[ISHIHIME FIC] well... UlquiIshiHime really, but hey!

Title: Color
Author: chiave_trust
Rating: R for smex. Because I wanted to write something smexy.
Warning: Short-short.


The main thing that Ishida Uryuu had managed to think, when his thoughts were at all coherent during this, was: Color. He saw color.

Everything else was monochrome or, at best, sepia; here there was color and life and warmth, so much warmth.

And it wasn't just the flush of her body, the way she gave little moans and whimpers at every small change of motion; no, it was how she reached out to them, invited them, as if her pale skin was an invitation to a wonderland. (It was.)

Her brilliant hair was loose, a fury of orange, looking like a small sun especially so close to his whiteness - Uryuu hadn't wanted him to be there. Not originally. But he had quite imagined that this was the closest the arrancar could get to experience love; besides, it was touching, Orihime's full-body blush as she had asked him about the situation.

So much color.

- and now she was warm and wet and his princess, and even though she was reaching out to see if the tear-faced arrancar was warm too, if he could make little sounds of pleasure and smile even as awkward as it all was, everything was shining and the black and blue only made it stand out more, like bold lines in a sketch, bold and lovely and a frenzy of colors, pinks and reds and white and skin and smiles -

Their own little world of color.
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