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It Never Ceases to Bleed (FANART)

I want to give my thanks (yeah, I'm emotional, bear with me xD)

Thanks to Debbie for this contest, for her IshiHime love and the support to my own love for IshiHime
Thanks to Alexa cause her love and enthusiasm for this couple inspires me more than she can imagine.
Thanks to Mezzo whose post makes me see what I always fail to see, and for being IshiHime fan :3
Thanks to Neha for being there always for me and care for my IshiHime love.
Thanks to Vesperh for being this insightful about my feelings and an IshiHime writer out of this world.
And Thanks to all the IshiHime FC for hang in faithfully for them despite the little sparks of them.
And of course, Thanks to Kubo Tite to create Ishida and Orihime <3 (I love you sensei!)

It never ceased to bleed by ~kala-k on deviantART

It never ceased to bleed. Every night she dreamed the same over and over. The endless nightmare.

A hand that turn to dust between her hands. A long lost soul.

A man with haunted eyes, trying to run away from himself.

And him.

The last one, always the last.

Appearing between the dust. Falling apart in front of her. It doesn't matter what she did, even if she healed him, every time it was too late. The scar never ceases to bleed. The cold always claimed its part.

He never came back.

And her cries always woke her up in the middle of the night.

Just to remember that inside her, it never ceases to bleed.
Tags: ishida, ishihime, ishihime birthday contest, orihime
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