Kit-chan (chiave_trust) wrote in bleachness,

[ISHIHIME FIC] "Without Melody"

Title: Without Melody
Author: chiave_trust, aka me
Rating: G
Warnings: Aiming for the general feel of the latest chapters. Also, short.
Note 1: For the IshiHime birthday contest 2010.
Note 2: lyrics (in italics) taken from Snow Patrol's "Set the Fire to the Third Bar".


The same piano, over and over again - as if there was no other music in the world.

The same routine, over and over again, as if there was nothing else.

There is no peace that I've found so far.

She could feel something, something off - as if the piano hit a flat key when it was supposed to be glorious sound, glorious pink and orange orchestra playing for and throughout the world.

Orihime looked up at the sky, and cried without remembering why.

Ishida Uryuu's pencil broke, the kanji half-finished in an answer to a practice question for an exam.

Dutifully he changed out the graphite in the pencil, erased the kanji, and started again.

A scratch in the record.

School would have exams soon, and he wanted to be ready. Wanted to be prepared.

He would show them, he would show them all, but -

He couldn't remember. There was something at the tip of his memory, like information from a lecture long ago, but it wasn't a lecture. He remembered a panicked voice calling for help. He remembered pain.

Discordant memories, an ocean of them.

But whenever he saw her in the school corridors, music returned -

- if only for a moment.
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