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I tell ya, people. He's a Quincy hybrid or Uryuu's uncle! XD

I swear that in the icon above he's make a Quincy cross there on his collar! (and yes, if you must know, I was running fever last night so these speculations may be running out of hand... still...besides that being the international sign for "chops my head off," just look at that collar).


Szayel. So mysterious. No hole. Where's his tat (now that Noitra's has been revealed in a peculiar place, I'm imagining all sorts of locations for future Espada markings). When he draws his zanpakutou, he doesn't transform (remember when he deflected Renji's attack with it?). He's SO mysterious. And he looks like Ryuuken. AND he had a quincygasm when he found out who Uryuu was (although he didn't recognize the bow? What's up with that? I thought he got all this info from Thunder Brunhilde the S&M queen) And now this:


I tell you, I'm wild for this Arrancar. He is so styling.

I can't believe Ishida and Renji waited. And that the fraccion let them wait (I was hoping for a "here you go, secret antidote" sort of gesture like Nemu's. Maybe the fraccion would go "he just ate our friend--just step outside, we won't tell").

It looks from the bottom right panel that Renji is standing up. *Relief* I was kinda worried there about Ishida having to abandon a fallen comrade. Well that and I thought it was a tad on the stupid side for Renji to blow himself up just to give Ishida extra time.

Last panel--that is some sexy eyeball. Beats Ichigo's sexy Hollow eyeball, I think. And that looks like his zanpakutou that's coming out again. Only there seems to be suction cups on it? I can't wait for HQ scans.

Is Renji's hand on Ishida's shoulder? My yaoi sense is tingling.

Another art. IchiIshi. Skintones again. I will be drawing more nekkid couples before I draw clothed characters. I'm just in that mood. Tousen nekkid next and I've got some old Ikkaku sketches I might color. Lots of skin on that head there. Maybe a Szayel speculation pic with his nekkidness revealing his true Quincy identity (and how would that be revealed exactly? Hmmmmm.....)

Anyway, here's the IchiIshi fanart. Worksafe. Just kissy poo.


Besides the Tousen pic, I forgot that I have to do a Hollow!Hanatarou for edge_chan and then there's this forty foot long Why Recent Chapters Did Not Mean IchiOri that I'm about to spew.  First I have to get over this stomach virus from the hell that is South America and then I'll get to fandom things.

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! One last thing.   gallo_de_pelea did a commission for me---pen and ink of Ishida and Orihime in their Arrancar clothes and I love it to bunches. There's something so ... EGALITARIAN about the two in the pic. And the windy winds. I really love windy art. Lines just there and around. I'm so happy with this.


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