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IchiIshi drabble, IchiRuki fanart, Why I won't use the required/recommended disclaimer

There's a party going on over at
sublimeparadigm's. The IchiIshi Weekend Extravaganza.
Well, seems the weekend's just about over but I finally got off my ass and wrote a drabble for it. It started off sucky but ended up rather purdy so I like it and am posting it:

IchiIshi drabble, IchiRuki fanart, and Why I Won't Use the New Recommended Disclaimer

Rain Dragon
by debbiechan

A drabble for IchiIshi Weekend August 2007 at the LJ of Sublimeparadigm

Disclaimer: I don’t own Bleach, don’t own the boys.
Description: It’s just a drabble--sorry, no sex. PG13

Rain fell.

The rain was cooler than his mother’s blood, but as the minutes passed, the rain got warmer and the blood on his face got cooler, and Ichigo could no longer tell the difference.

As the years passed, Ichigo beat up more than one lousy punk in the rain. Decent people stayed indoors. Lovers strolled under umbrellas, and the forlorn and self-pitying went out into the rain.

Punks loved the rain. Ichigo loved to beat up punks.

Mud and blood in his nostrils, righteous anger, grass stains on his shirt, small puddles spilling into larger ones and the sweet refrain: here, here, I stole it from the bitch, I’m sorry, okay? I won’t do it again--

“You better not,” Ichigo would say.

Before his mother had died, he’d been such a crybaby. Had he looked like those snotty, sniveling punks? Crying people--even crying kids. Ugh.

Tears couldn’t connect him to his mother now, and not even his fist could reach the colorless landscape where it rained all the time and where answers waited.

“I want to protect mountains of people,” he told the wise ass who had endangered so many.

Not a punk. A nice guy in a tie. A boy with steely blue eyes and a vulnerable mouth.

Ichigo’s finger’s opened and closed, opened and closed. And still, the rain fell. He needed to make the world more fair or fill his fists with his own bright hair.

Uryuu fell.

Ichigo’s mother had fallen in broad daylight but when Uryuu fell, it was night. Uryuu had been trying to save Rukia. Uryuu wasn’t the jerk he pretended to be and most people were innocent, weren’t they? Life--unfair. Death--wearing expensive sunglasses and looking right at him. Ichigo stepped across blood and rain and tried not to remember his mother’s sacrifice.

He always won fights but he didn’t win this one. Failure streamed, black river after red river, and the summer heat stuck to Ichigo’s forehead like grief, and Rukia--Rukia who never hurt anyone--walked away in the rain.

He would have to save her to stop the rain, so he did.

“Because of you, the rain has stopped falling.”

But it hadn’t. It came and went, familiar as self-doubt, sometimes heavy with significance, always soothing because it damn hurt to be a body standing alone in the Living World. Air insinuated itself against him, reminded him to breathe, accused him you’re alone, you’re alone.

Uryuu fell. This time with fist hammering Ichigo’s face. Ichigo caught Uryuu’s wrists. Bones slender as his baby sisters’ bones. “Why do you hate me? I’m not one of the Shinigami who let your grandfather die. Damn it, Ishida, I’m one of the good guys. Haven’t you figured that out by now?”

“I don’t hate you.”

Rain connected the sky to the ground, and thunder rolled through the moment. A flash of lightning revealed the Rain Dragon.

Red stars lit its scales and the red light writhed into obscene shapes.

Weeks before their mouths met, their hips ground against each other. Ichigo’s jeans chafed Uryuu’s school trousers. They would have gone on this way, every day, arguing, dry-humping, wearing down the cloth between them into a transparency neither tried to deny.

But it happened. Ichigo opened his mouth to yell and Uryuu opened his to bitch and they fell into one another’s faces. It couldn’t even be called kissing--it lacked affection, saliva and intent. Each mouth paralyzed. Ichigo held his lips wide apart and grazed Uryuu’s face. Uryuu clutched Ichigo’s sleeve and gritting his teeth, clanked them against Ichigo’s cheekbone.

“I don’t want my world changed anymore.”

“Too late,” Uryuu said. “You Shinigami are too slow.”

Uryuu’s grandfather had died face up, and Ichigo’s mother had died face down. All these years, the boys had gone to bed with arms and legs still holding the shock of watching a loved one die. They slept with guilt. They woke up sore. Waking up alone with some existential crisis, Uryuu told Ichigo later, was to be expected, but young people shouldn’t wake up with thigh cramps.

Watching Ichigo cross the streets with long legs in tight pants, a chicken-hawk had remarked, “Nothing sexier than a bad-tempered boy.” When Ichigo walked with Uryuu, the old fags had nodded. “Look how uptight they are. No, they haven’t done it yet.” And “It’s going to be killer when they do.” And “What I wouldn’t give for the video.”

The fake, defiant kiss softened into a real one.

There is only so much tension a body can bear until it lets go.

The rain would never stop falling. Some times were worse than others, like monsoons clearing away ancient wreckage but making more garbage. Other times the dragon curled up like a house-pet and closed its melancholy eyes. “Rice or potatoes?” Uryuu would ask.

Like Ichigo cared.

But he did care.

Either one as long as Uryuu was holding the bowl.

As long as the rain fell, Uryuu would fall, with no deliberation, as if thrown by the past and impassioned with its misery, against Ichigo. And Ichigo fell--fell through the weight of his own body and the pain of the Living World to the place where it rained all the time.

To the place where the answers were.


And an IchiRuki pic. My daughter said it doesn't look like Rukia!
IchiRuki Afternoon

I keep sketching this couple lying around outdoors nekkid so maybe there's a fic in that somewhere.

bleach_yaoi is requiring a disclaimer on its fics now and sad to say, I won't be using it.

COMMUNITY DISCLAIMER: All characters depicted in sexual situations in this post/fanfiction/fanart (including material in the comments) are fictional and are intended to be and considered to be by the author of said material of the legal age of consent in the United States state of California, regardless of what age these characters may be in the material they are derived from.

The reason I won't be using this disclaimer is that in my case, it would be a lie--much of my Bleach yaoi features characters who, while of consenting age in Japan and where I live, are not of age according the California law that LJ is touting as its standard. I would be lying. I don't lie.

So I guess I'll just be watching and not posting at some communities now.

I'd like to believe that requiring such disclaimers is an over-reaction on the part of many fan communities (I'm one to talk--I fly off the handle and into the stratosphere of paranoia all the time), but I'm afraid that LJ honestly wants slash fans and other undesirables to shoo, shoo, be gone. And if that's the case, these flimsy disclaimers are not going to stop them from finding a way to get rid of us.

In the event that this journal is ever banned (I don't expect it to be--I honestly believe it breaks no law, no LJ TOS as defined by LJ themselves, and does not in any way encourage violence against children), I'm camping out under the name "bleachness" at other journals (InsaneJournal and JournalFen are giving probs at the moment--JournalFen is swamped with fans moving there) and my fic and art can will always be found at my website http://www.debbiechan.com.

My brother in law owns the server where my website is so people can just report me away and we shall scoff and I shall stay! ^__^

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