Athena (qwirky) wrote in bleachness,

Bleach 426 is Up

Bleach 426 is up at MangaStream.

Reminder: AFAIK, no one on Bleachness has done this, but I keep seeing people tweet to Kubo about chapters or using icons from this chapter before Monday. Stop.

The title page is cute.

Ichigo+Ishida team-up and bickering == adorable.

Ishida is student council president <333333

Urahara is the one who informs Ishida about hollows and even gave him a cell phone. <333 Guess Urahara has made up with Soul Society?

Ichigo with Yoko-chin == cute.

Ichigo does the "refuse" hand sign, similar to the one he did at the beginning of the series with Rukia.

I like Ikumi. But then, I like kick-ass female characters, and she's also crazy and eccentric, so it's all good to me. She's also pretty. <33 karenai wondered if Masaki was like Ikumi - putting on the 'perfect mother' routine for her children, then turning around and being wild when they weren't around. XD

Ichigo and Ikumi are fun together. (But poor Ichigo, dealing with Ikumi's kid.) So Ichigo's part-time job is basically doing anything for anyone. Ikumi would probably get along with, or fight with, Urahara - I'm not sure which. And Ichigo doesn't like older women? Lies. XD

Ah, it's Squall Leonhart the male OC, who has brought ramen for Ichigo. How sweet of him.

Overall, this was a cute chapter. <3 It was fluffy, amusing, and light-hearted, and I personally liked it.
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