where a dazzling tailwind blows (indigosquare) wrote in bleachness,
where a dazzling tailwind blows


Fandom: Bleach
Disclaimer: Nah.
Pairing/Characters: Ichigo, Rukia
Summary: Sometimes you just have to read in between the lines. Or, in cases such as theirs, nowhere near the lines.

If Ichigo and Rukia don't have a proper ending, I am going to rage. But before that, they should just say what they mean. Seriously.

Then again, I guess that wouldn't make them Ichigo and Rukia anymore, and the pair that we've all come to love.

(I wonder, do I use italics too much?)

Really, he's never been very good at goodbyes.  )

Comments are appreciated (:
Tags: fanfiction, ichigo, rukia
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