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CONTEST REMINDER and interpretations of superbishida

Don't forget the IshiHime Birthday Contest. The day to post is November 19. Click the link for details.

We're coming up today on Ishida Uryuu's Nov. 6 birthday ( Tokyo time, the birthday happens in couple hours and I've already started celebrating!). So happy that Kubo-sensei gave Ishida a new look for his birthday week! (Reminder: do not tweet Sensei about the chapter or send him drawings or icons that show new!Ishida and new!Orihime revealed in chapter 425--that chapter does not officially appear in Japan's WSJ until Monday!)

I tried my hand at coloring the new!superfine!hawt Bishida: Try Me DA link

There are some better interpretations out there. This one made me gasp when I saw it: Uryu Ishida 17 by nagare-boshi.

Mika does beautiful colorings: Ishida from ch245 by mikaorurk

And the one my icon is from: Hot Ishida in Technicolor by kala-k

Eh, just to talk about something--people are wondering over at the Ishida FC at BA if our boy's showing his temper a bit much by taking on that whole group of thugs. His behavior does remind me of the old reckless Ishida who snapped the Hollow bait. More of that "things are the way they used to be but not quite" atmosphere going on in this new arc. I wonder how Ishida learned hand-to-hand and karate moves. I'm dying for Ryuuken's appearance. Okay that will be my birthday wish: Papa!Ishida soon please.
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