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Bitter, Bitter [Halloween!Special]

Title: Bitter, Bitter
Rating: Hard PG-13 for gore
Pairing(s): IchiRuki, super subtle KaienRuki from the past
Wordcount: 4,065
Summary: She never meant to consume them. He never meant to consume her. But sometimes, violence is what must undo violence.
Author's Note: Inspired by pikeish's Futility piece and written for the Halloween Giveaway over at the IchiRuki FC, seen here. If you have not seen this piece she's done for the same giveaway, drop what you're doing and go see it. Trust me on this. It's gorgeous. Also, my story will make so much more sense after you look at it. I sincerely hope I've done her art justice.

He can feel the weight of their gazes (heavy) on his back, trailing down his spinal column like skeletal fingers grazing vertebrae.
Tags: fanfic
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