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Dumb poll, Jump Festa announces seiyuu, etc

Happy Ghoul's Day to those who celebrate.

Since the post your pumpkins and Halloween bleach stuffs entry BOMBED, per special request I've made a dumb poll. I woke up with a cold this morning so it's dumber than usual. Essentially my objective is to open up speculation about the time-skip now that we know it's been 17 months and there was only so much Kubo could do in the last chapter. Where were Orihime and Chad? How long do you think it's going to be until we see anyone from Soul Society? When Sensei said that this Karakura arc with the new guy was going to be a "short" arc, what did he mean by "short?" (I've read 8 months in various places--Sensei can't be quoted as saying that--he only said there would be a short arc then a longer one in which Isshin would figure). In any event, until the next chapter, all we can do is speculate....

Poll #1638840 Dumb Poll Re Time Skip

Chad? We didn't see him in the last chapter because

he quit school and signed recording contract
he's in the advanced smartypants class with Ishida and Orihime
the deportations officials caught up with him--hello Mexico!


Somewhere shagging with Chad
Mechanical Engineering advanced placement at university (gotta build that robot!)
Culinary correspondence school
Over Ichigo--yes.
Over Ichigo--not for 17 months, not yet
Over Ichigo--never, not for 5 lifetimes anyway

Soul Society possibilities

Mayuri has a new headress and is still stylin in Hueco Mundo
Rukia stole the VC spot at her division from those eager beaver lieutenants
Hinamori is no longer on life support and maybe is badass all of a sudden
Other (explain in comments)

Other news: WSJ announced the line-up for this year's Jump Festa:

Basically it says that Jump Festa Bleach will be held on Dec. 18th and 19th. The scheduled guests are Kubo sensei, Morita (Ichigo), Orikasa (Rukia), Nakai (Kokutou's seiyuu), Furuya (Syuren's seiyuu). This is the first time movie OCs are showing up for the festival. I'm disappointed other Bleach seiyuu like Ishida's and Orihime's aren't there. I expected the nakama there. I guess these OCs are expected to be popular? Soul Plates and everything--well... they're bishie for sure.

Also, I need to clear up a rumor regarding a misunderstood/mistranslated tweet that's been circulating. It's being said that Kubo-sensei requested hentai of Yoruichi, Neliel, and Rangiku and implied that he wanted to see some of Orihime. That's just not true. Not saying that Sensei can't be a perv sometime but what he was referring to were the new Bleach mousepads that have recently been merchandised. The mousepads are, erm, "erotic" and feature 3-D boobs of said characters. Kubo simply hadn't seen the merchandise and wanted to see them. Also, Seika Oda (Yuki, Orihime's seiyuu) asked Kubo why Orihime wasn't featured on one of the mousepads and Kubo responded that it was because Orihime was still in high school. Du'uh. Anyway, just clearing that up because nothing irritates me more than misinformation. This is how those "there's going to be a TURN BACK THE PENDULUM ARC ABOUT THE ESPADA" rumors get started. 

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