Lady Camille Catherine Cecily Lloyd-George X (skilly_n_duff) wrote in bleachness,
Lady Camille Catherine Cecily Lloyd-George X

Not Dead Yet!

So remember that poll AGES ago when y'all wanted me to draw something RenxTatsuki?  Well, this isn't it.

Haha, but that IS coming someday, promise!

As always, full size on my DA:

I tried doing a few Rukia portraits in this style but none of them really came out the way I wanted.  *sigh*  Also, can't remember if I posted my 423 Ichiruki or not,(cuz that was SO LONG AGO) so here's that...

The Moment After

Next up--A picture of me giving Ichigo a big hug because that boy needs one like no other.  (I'm totally trained to give awesome bear hugs. True story.)
Both done with prismacolor cool grey markers.
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