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Kubo Tweets

Sensei does tweet about things other than food and breasts--sometimes he tweets about Bleach. Just today (and I swear if I didn't know better I would guess that someone cued him in on the fact that a certain insistent part of American fandom was identifying Rukia as "a geisha" and Orihime as a "samurai's wife" in the new 2011 anime B calendar ) Sensei tweeted that he loved the calendar featuring "historical figures," that it was his favorite but being ignorant of history, he could tell who everyone but Rukia and Orihime were.


ただ、俺が歴史に疎いせいか、ルキアと織姫の元ネタだけが誰だか分かりません。 about 3 hours ago via Echofon

来年のアニメ版カレンダーが届いたんだけど、これ凄くいい!!今までで一番好きかも。歴史上の人物に扮したキャラが筆のような筆致で描かれてて、みんなすげーかっこ良い! about 3 hours ago via Echofon

Several fans (mostly Japanese) wrote back to identify Rukia as princess AtsuHime (not a fancy prostitute) amd Orihime as Murasaki Shikibu, author of The Tale of Genji THE WORLD'S FIRST NOVEL (not an anonymous Samurai's wife). Of course those fans identifying the girls as such also claim to be doing such things in order to annoy the IchiRuki fandom. Mature, ne?

Also, remember when Sensei tweeted that he was drawing panties for the first time in his life and he got us all curious as to WHOSE panties they could be? (He said he wanted to make them flesh-colored!   )

Alas, he wasn't talking about Bleach. Translation by mezzo_marinaio :

Sensei: @hekky3 確かに子供用の水着って困りますよね。やちるの水着姿描いた時も困りました。そういや俺こないだ生まれて初 めてパンチラ描きましたよ。BLEACHじゃないですが(笑)。

To hekky3: "I definitely have some trouble with child swimsuits. I had some trouble when I drew Yachiru's swimsuit as well. By the way, the other day I drew someone showing their underwear for the first time in my life. Ah, but I'm not talking about Bleach." (laugh)

(Mezz: Awwwww, looks like he wasn't drawing IchiRuki pantsu after all. XD

I wonder what he was talking about, then...?

Lol, maybe he really IS starting a Kubo underwear line! XDDD)
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