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Bleach 424 is out

Bleach 424 is out at Mangastream.

Remember NOT TO TWEET KUBO, for the sake of everything holy, about this chapter or using the chapter pics, til Monday.

TIME SKIP. Why do I always make the wrong bets on Bleach. At least it's only a year (and a half). But a year (and a half) is enough for the twins to enter junior high, and Ichigo and his friends to be seniors.

The parallelism to chapter 1 extends from the first page to the color spread. How cute. <3333

Everyone's hair... Yuzu, Karin, Mizuiro, Keigo, and Tatsuki. I think they're all cute, but it makes me wonder if anyone else's hair changed (Orihime, Chad, anyone from Soul Society like Rukia). Ishida's, from the brief glimpse we see of him, looks a little longer. Ichigo's sideburns ... personally, I'm still on the fence about them.

Yuzu is so adorable. (I thought she was Orihime at first, lol.) Karin is so cute, too. So Karin's powers are growing, now that Ichigo no longer has any, but she isn't talking to Ichi-nii about that situation. Karin with the ghosts is cute, reminds me of Ichigo in chapter 1 XD

Ichigo slept-talked, apparently? I don't know about that translation. I heard it's supposed to be Chad and Inoue told everyone else (i.e., Tatsuki-tachi) about Ichigo's powers while he was asleep.

Tatsuki and Ichigo play Tekken XD

Ichigo seems surprised by his shinigami badge being in his bag. And then he goes emo while he stares at it. I'm actually hoping what Ishida noticed about the badge, at the end of SS arc, comes back up in this arc. XD XD

Ishida's helping exterminate the hollows. (I hope his grades remain high :x) Ichigo's look as Ishida runs past is so... sad/emo.

I love how the panel about Ichigo thinking that Rukia hasn't been back once is all white. All-white panels speak volumes. And it takes up half of that page. So much white space for so little text.

Keigo asks about Ichigo's career plans, but Ichigo obviously has not thought about that and says as much. His grades dropped a bit, but he's still apparently ranked fairly high. And then Keigo mentions Rukia ("Rukia-chan"), and Ichigo gets pissed. Ichigo doesn't want to talk about Rukia, and he vehemently denies being lonely. He seems angry, but is he angry at Rukia for not returning or is he angry at the entire situation, his loss of powers included in that?

I love page 18 because Ichigo has his back to Keigo the entire time as he spouts off all these lies he's desperately trying to convince himself of. That he always wanted to be normal (a lie, Ichigo never said he didn't want the ability to see ghosts - instead, he yearned for the power to protect others and crush destiny), that he's fine with peace until he dies (another lie - he enjoys fighting and loved being a shinigami, and after SS arc, he was only too happy to continue being a shinigami), that he never thought to help anyone because of his powers (again, a lie, he wanted the power to protect others), that he never thought to make a living by using his powers (I wonder if that means he thought he'd be a shinigami forever, and that was what he secretly wanted to be when he 'grew up'?), that this is the life he dreamed of (another lie - if this is your dream, then why are you so emo, Ichigo? why are you still fixated on what you lost, even a year later?).

Ichigo's fast skills and strength are still there, yay.

And that new guy... apparently he has his own shinigami badge? Or did he somehow swipe Ichigo's? Mangastream calls it the "LOST SHINIGAMI REPRESENTATIVE BADGE ARC" so it's not clear if the guy swiped Ichigo's or has his own. I think it's his own badge but... we'll see. ETA: Hinodeh and Lucia pointed out the badge that falls out has a chain and isn't cracked like Ichigo's, so it's definitely the new guy's own badge.
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