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New Hellverse CM! Great one! Lust arc reanimated!

Omg, this one is sooo good. It's a nice long CM of the new Bleach movie! The Lust arc is being reanimated, and Rukia witnesses Ichigo turning (she is screaming "turn back Ichigoooo!") and there's omg ULQUIORRA and a bit of Ishida and Orihime at the end.

Go to the movie's official website and click the latest update on the screen left after the preview:


for a translation of the CM, follow
this link (to the IchiRuki FC at Bleach Asylum) and thank Nacchan for her translation.

eta: oh and for you TM Revolution fans (there seem to be quite a few of you!) there are two limited CDs coming out by them with the Hellverse theme music. The following from the IR FC at BA (thanks Annie and esp Nacchan for translations):

Save The One, Save The All【初回生産限定盤(一護盤)】
●「劇場版 BLEACH 地獄篇」スペシャルインタビュー『瀞霊廷通信"激突"レポート!一護篇』 (出演:森田成一&西川貴教) 収録

●「劇場版 BLEACH 地獄篇」描き下ろしフィルムカード付ピンナップカードA
●「劇場版 BLEACH 地獄篇」ピンナップカードセットA(3枚組/一護・ルキア・恋次)

HellVerse theme song "Save the one, save the all" CD will have three editions. Two Limited and one normal. Set A (Limited) is Ichigo's edition which will contain special interview between Morita and TMR and it comes with pinup card set of Ichigo/Rukia/Renji! Our girl gets to be on the Limited Edition CD along with Ichigo and her childhood friend.

Set B Limited Edition (Oh Amy will love this ) is Kokutou version. It contains an interview between Kazuya san and TMR. The cards set has IchiThing/Syuren/Kokutou.
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