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Fan fic recs, Is Szayel a Quincy?

EDIT: LJ is being a bitch and every other time I click on "bleachness" it goes to my private journal and also html codes get warbled EVERY SINGLE time I try to put up SP's fic.... will fix when I get back....

Okay, okay, I'll go first. Like I said last week, I want to encourage people to post links to some of the fave Bleach fics, old and new. No complicated format for introduction required--just state title, author, and any necessary warnings. You may want to specify het or yaoi since some people in this comm are either/or. A tiny bit saying why you like the fic would be nice.

Start a new post when you have a fic or two to recommend.

I didn't pick these with great deliberation--they're some recent and very old fics I happen to like:

Setting Sun, Rising Moon by jaina
has a perfect *kisses fingers* tone that is arch and not over funny. Ichigo dies; Rukia is waiting for him. Just FUN so far, and I wish alll fics made as good use of dialogue!

sublimeparadigmwrote (in progress, PG13) Mountains Out of Mudpies IchiIshi. Usually SP's style is dense (but not overly) poetic and she can make a end table erotic but this is a more spare story written with, as always, a real love for the boys.

In the Kidney Dish by no_utopia (one shot, very NC17) Yaoi
A horror story. Why oh why do I love Topi's sense of the macabre? Damn fine writing. Depth of feeling and characterization. I've read lots of Ishida is victimized stories (written a few meh ones myself) but Ishida and Mayuri are edgy and perfect here. Not a kink fic. A horror story. Warning NC17 for character death, torture, non-con, etcetera.

The Recruit by firstmidnight (NC17 COMPLETED looong one) Het
Weird pairing of Ishida and Matsumoto but I love this story. Crunchy good writing with smut and plot.

Tsuru Early, early fic by thenakedcat(one shot, PG) Written back when we all thought Ryuuken was a JERK. Urahara is wonderful here. A vignette with strong characterization.

I so need more Ryuuken fic that isn't Quincest (I read those too, ha ha). You may also plea here for recs. For example, I AM DYING FOR RYUUKEN AND URYUU FICS THAT AREN'T QUINCEST. There aren't that many Ryuuken fics written; the Quincest ones are few and though incest is my squuuuuick, I read them just because they're Ryuuken-ish.

Ugh, is it me or LJ? Since I can't post a poll, tell me if I'm insane about this BUT I think Szayel is a Quincy. Think about it. All he needs to do parallel the Mayuri fight is to dump some Quincy angst on Ishida. The guy looks like Ryuuken and NO ONE HAS SEEN HIS HOLE. *falls over* Think he experimented on himself? Think he'll be killed by Ishi and Ren? Think debbiec will write more RenIshi? Those facing panels where Ishida says "You're a monster" and his lookalike says "I prefer genius" had SS written all over it and made me go hmmmm.

This theory was brought to you today by TheDebbieIsBored Council on OverAnalyzing Bleach.

Oh, the Ryuuken fic is done--it's looong, and I'm sorry to say, about Death again. But, damn, Bleach is about Death so how can I avoid the subject?
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