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New Bleach Movie 4 Commercial

Found by melodymix, this is the latest Bleach Movie 4 commercial that aired on TV:

Featured in this trailer are lots of Ichigo shots (of course), including IchiThing; a brief glimpse of the enemies; Yuzu unconscious; Ishida!; Kokutou (the good OC); Nii-sama; Renji twice; lots of gorgeous Rukia!; Ukitake, Toushirou, and Rangiku; Toushirou by himself; and even Chaaaad! "Save the One, Save the All" (the movie theme song) by T.M. Revolution plays a bit in the background.

Translations are by pikeish and melodymix from the IchiRuki FC at BleachAsylum:

Shuren (Villain OC): "Welcome, to hell"

Hell's Togabito.. Appears

Kokutou: "When the seal will be dissolved and the two worlds connect, the human race will be erased."

Ichigo: "I have to win.. Even in exchange for this life!"

[Save The One, Save The All]-

The world will end.

Kokutou: "In hell, do anything but hollowfy.. You will go out of control, and will never be able to return."

The complete hollowfication of ruin (ruin oneself)

Ichigo: "I don't care what happens to my body. I will protect!!!!"

Rukia: "ICHIGO!!!"

ETA: melodymix commented below about the meaning of "togabito":

"There is no word such as 'Togabito' and I think it's an made-up word just for this movie (which a lot of animes do) but in Japanese the kanji used for 'Toga (咎)' relates to 咎める: to blame someone, while 'Bito (人) means person.

"So together I think you read it as 'The one that got blamed'"

Kyaaaaa. <33333 So excited for this movie. I adore Rukia screaming Ichigo's name at the end~ XD Everyone looks so good in the CM, too, especially Rukia (I am totally biased), Ichigo, and Nii-sama. <333 Ishida and Chad made it into a CM~!
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