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Bleach discussion - after chapter 423

So maybe some of you know, but I watch the Bleach anime with my mother, and she loves it--we've been Netflixing through the Bount arc and after (I told her it was filler but she wanted to watch it anyway, what a trooper!).  Some of the last episodes we watched this weekend got me thinking about things that happened at the beginning of the Arrancar arc.

Mom and I watched the episodes where Isshin is first revealed to be a shinigami and kills arrancar-Grand Fisher, etc.  Ignoring the Bount sensor dudes that were present in the anime, the only people there to see Isshin as a shinigami were Kon, Isshin, Urahara, and Grand Fisher.  With Grand Fisher dead that leaves the other three.  What struck me as odd was that Isshin knew what the Visoreds were when he and Urahara talked about them contacting Ichigo, but what Isshin described was not the truth about the Visored as we later learned in Turn Back the Pendulum arc.  Urahara acts like it is, of course, because we all know he's Bleach's resident liar behind Aizen (don't get me wrong I love the guy but he's totally manipulating everyone else). 

Anyway, none of this seems out of the ordinary, it fits in the canon fine, etc.  What struck me as odd was that Isshin knew what the Visoreds were, or what the "official story" about them was.  Does this mean everyone in the Soul Society who was in the Gotei 13 when this whole thing happened know the same story as Isshin?  Does this mean Isshin was a captain (or at least a member of the Gotei 13) when this happened?  Urahara says something about it being twenty years since Isshin had his powers.  So if Isshin left the Soul Society to become a human (or suspend his powers in a human gigai) twenty years ago, and we assume he left as captain rank, why doesn't anyone think twice when they meet Ichigo?  Honestly, nobody thinks "Oh hey we used to have a captain Kurosaki who kinda looks like you?"

I know we're getting an Isshin gaiden soon, but I wonder how this will all settle itself out.  If Aizen knew about Ichigo when he was born, can we assume that Aizen was in the Gotei 13 (at some point in time) at the same time period that Isshin was?  Or at least their service records overlapped on a timeline at some point?  Yes if Aizen was watching Isshin for whatever reason, then he'd know about Ichigo, but if Aizen knew Isshin before Ichigo was born, shouldn't some of the other shinigami know him as well?  Granted none of the others have seen Isshin in his shinigami form, save Urahara, Kon, and whoever we could say was within eyeshot of Isshin when Ichigo appeared from the dangai in the Deicide chapters with Isshin thrown over his shoulder.  Still, the whole thing is odd.  Granted Kubo has plenty of time to answer my questions, but hey, isn't this half the fun of speculating?

Anyone have any theories, wild or not?  On a side note, I've been plotting an Isshin/Masaki fic where they meet, date, fall in love, etc., but after Kubo announced he would be doing Isshin's backstory I've lost my interest in writing it, since it's about to get Jossed.  XD 

Since we're talking about Isshin, feel free to share your favorite Isshin fics, art, cosplay, whatever.  DADDY!CAPTAIN NEEDS LOVE.  <3
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