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Pics from Bleach Movie Hellverse

Forgot to show these to you the other day when Annie showed them to me. Be prepared for some FUGLY. I don't know what's going on with Ichigo here but never fear, IchiThing hasn't been written out of the movie--our beloved horny guy is still featured on the movie website promos.

Looks like we've got just enough bad guys for Renji, Ishida, and Rukia to fight.

translations of pages by nacchan_touya  from IR FC at BA

Ichigo's page :

Ichigo's new hollowfication?
"SCAR CLAD" Ichigo
(could be skull-clad too)

The new form of Ichigo that will introduced in this movie is like this, he looks like a hollow but beneath those masks is still the normal Ichigo. Will this bring him new powers? or will this be a dangerous development?

Kokutoo's page :

The feeling for his sister connects him with Ichigo.
The feeling of want to "protect" connects this two man's heart
What makes him cooperated with Ichigo?
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