Vayshti (vayshti) wrote in bleachness,

Call for artists!

I asked _debbiechan_ about posting this to the comm, and she was just as excited as I was.

bleach_bigbang is running their big bang challenge for the first time this year, and in the good tradition of all big bang fic challenges, is also asking for artists to illustrate the stories before the great unveilling of authors.

I missed the chance to pimp the challenge for writers who hang out in bleachness, but our members list has so many awesome artists too, that I really hope some of you choose to take up the challenge of illustrating the stories.

There's a range of pairings, although they are pretty much all yaoi ones this year, but it's a good chance for people who aren't into Ishihime (and thus can't enter the Bleachness birthday challenge) to crack their talent out in a big way.

Artist Sign-up here.

I might not be involved in that challenge, but I can't wait to read/see the final products...
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