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Bleach Concept Covers + Bleach Berry Best CDs

A new CD called "BuriCon ~ Bleach Concept Covers ~" is coming out that will have Bleach characters covering OPs and EDs from the TV series and movies.

Track List:
1) *~Asterisk~ (1st OP) - Ichigo
2) CHU-BURA (8th OP) - Uryuu
3) Sen no Yoru wo Koete (Memories of Nobody theme) - Byakuya and Renji
4) Ichirin no Hana (3rd OP) - Aizen and Hinamori, featuring Yuusuke (from High and Mighty Color)
6) Life is Like a Boat (1st ED) - Mayuri and Nemu
7) Thank You!! (2nd ED) - Tousen and Hisagi
8) HANABI (7th ED) - Hitsugaya and Rangiku
9) Houki Boshi (3rd ED) - Soifon and Yoruichi
10) My Pace (6th ED) - Kon
11) Sakura Biyori (10th ED) - Unohana
12) Hikari no Rokku (Diamond Dust Rebellion theme) - Komamura
13) Gallop (16th ED) - Ukitake, Sentarou, Kiyone
14) Shoujo S (10th OP) - Rukia and Orihime

The CD is will come out on December 15, 2010 and will retail for 3150 yen. Apparently, High and Mighty Color (who did Ichirin no Hana) and Hoshimura Mai (who did Sakura Biyori) were involved in this album.

... ... I'm sorry, but WTF. W . T . F. Ichirin no Hana is my favorite OP, and it's going to be sung by Aizen and Hinamori? REALLY? And Life is Like a Boat with Mayuri and Nemu? Just... what. Also weirded out by Tousen and Hisagi, Byakuya and Renji, and KENPACHI? A few of the tracks sound like they'll be decent/fine, like #14 and probably #11, but the rest... Do Not Want in a really big way. I wonder who came up with this idea, how they decided on characters to sing them, and who will actually buy this CD (3150 yennnnn). It sounds terribly cracky and ... well, if it doesn't succeed on being crack, it'll just be terrible. :x

The other CD coming out in December is "Bleach Berry Best" (... at the name), the third OP/ED compilation CD (after Bleach The Best and Bleach Best Tunes). This is completely unrelated to the Bleach Concept Covers. It'll be released December 1, 2010 and will retail for 3990 yen. The listed features are a box with new art, new art for the digipack, a booklet, pin-ups, and creditless OPs and EDs on the DVD. (I'm curious as to whether the description is right and the OPs will actually be creditless this time.)

There's no tracklist yet, but based on the last two CDs, it will probably have 12 tracks and maybe Fade to Black's theme song as a bonus track. The last two CDs had 4 OPs and 8 EDs each, so the OPs for this third CD should be: Velonica; Shoujo S; Anima Rossa; and chAnge (since we're getting a new OP this week and this CD won't come out until December, I guess it's not too early). EDs are then: Hitohira no Hanabira; Sky Chord; Kimi wo Mamotte, Kimi wo Aishite; Mad Surfer; Sakurabito; Tabidatsu Kimi e; Stay Beautiful; and echoes.
Tags: bleach concept covers, bleach music
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